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Ways To Use Acupuncture For Fertility

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29 November, 2011

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Use Acupuncture For FertilityFertility is God’s gift and when it is denied, many couples plunge into depression. Women are more prone to pangs of guilt and in many cases it is the woman’s reproductive system that has problems that lead to difficulty in conceiving.

Many couples these days look for alternative therapy options for attaining fertility. Acupuncture is one of the most commonly used alternative treatment methods for a variety of ailments. Research suggests that acupuncture can help a couple conceive when it is used alone or in conjunction with other treatment methods like IVF. Here are some ways to go about the procedure.

How to Use Acupuncture for Fertility

The Right Practitioner

The first step is to find a registered practitioner who knows the right moves and is also a specialist in treating infertility cases like yours. It is important that the person has had previous experience in the area of infertility and has had successful results before.

Effective Communication

Of utmost importance is to be completely transparent with your acupuncturist as he/she will have to assess your overall health, habits, especially bad habits and other health conditions before starting the treatment method. All habits like smoking, drinking, intake of medications for particular conditions etc. have to be told in advance to avoid complications. You must also be prepared to stop all these habits at the behest of your therapist.

Acupuncture Procedure

The treatment method using acupuncture involves the use of needles for targeting specific parts of your body that can stimulate energy flow and increase the flow of blood, thereby reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process.

Ways To Use Acupuncture For Fertility

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Acupuncture Effect

In women with fertility problems, using acupuncture on specific areas of the body will help in increasing the flow of blood into the uterus, reducing anxiety and stress which too are causes of infertility, setting the menstrual cycle in order and also in helping in regulating imbalances in hormone production and balancing the function of the endocrine system.

Importance of Relaxation

Acupuncture is beneficial in other ways too as it can reduce stress and anxiety which can directly influence your ability to conceive. Just as important as the treatment method is the need for complete relaxation during the entire treatment time. Being relaxed and enjoying the sessions will automatically bring your stress levels down and release positive energy in your body which would help in attaining conception.

Acupuncture Session Time

Acupuncture is not a onetime treatment method. Several sessions are needed for the treatment to take effect and when it is done along with IVF, there are immediate procedures involved as well. Two sessions a week is generally done for about 3 weeks after which the eggs are retrieved from the woman’s body. This is fertilised and implanted into her uterus to attain pregnancy. The treatment will be continued for some time as acupuncture has many good benefits at the time of pregnancy as well, especially during the first and second trimester.

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