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Ways To Combat Tuberculosis

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12 October, 2011

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Ways To Combat TuberculosisTuberculosis, abbreviated as TB, is a highly infectious disease, caused mainly from another person who is affected by the disease. The disease occurs when the affected person speaks, sneezes, or coughs. The harmful bacteria are released from the mouth due to sneezing, coughing, or speaking, which eventually spoils the environmental air, thus ruining the health of all the people exposed to that contaminated air.

There are several people, who are affected by this severe disease. It is tremendously important to treat the problem as soon as the symptoms are noted, so that it does not spread to other people. Also, if timely treatment is not taken, it can prove to be quite risky for the health of the affected person. Let us here have a discussion on some effective ways to combat tuberculosis.

Ways To Combat Tuberculosis

A few effective ways to fight and prevent tuberculosis have been discussed in the below section:

Preventing Tuberculosis

The best way to combat tuberculosis is to prevent it. It is very important to identify people around you and determine if they are affected by TB or not. If you find anyone with this contagious disease, you ought to make sure that he or she is treated immediately.  This would not only save the life of the affected person, but would also prevent you and various other people from being infected by the disease.

Treating TB With Antibiotics

Treatment of tuberculosis may take a long time, from six months to around two years, depending upon the severity of the disease. Only a few antibiotics help in treating TB successfully, among which isoniazid and rifampicin are considered to be quite effective. Normally, a combination of two or more antibiotics is prescribed during the tuberculosis treatment process to eliminate all the harmful bacteria from the human body.

Vaccination To Deal With TB

Children are often injected with BCG vaccine during their early years of life, in order to prevent the occurrence of this dangerous disease. The effect of the vaccination stays for around fifteen years, and is around 80% effective. However, this vaccine is effectual only in case of children; it does not help adults.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Maintenance of proper hygiene, by both the affected person and the people around him, is very important to combat tuberculosis. Washing the hands with warm water and a disinfectant is quite essential to prevent tuberculosis.

People with persistent cough should try to take vitamin D from morning sunlight and eat healthy and nutritious foods. This step would help in preventing tuberculosis. Also, herbal products, especially garlic, should be a vital part of everyday diet program.

Maintaining proper health of the immune system is also imperative to fight against tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. With the assistance of eating a healthy diet, doing regular exercise, maintaining appropriate health of the immune system, and avoiding contact with affected people, you would be able to prevent tuberculosis to a massive extent.

However, if you are still infected by this contagious disease, immediate medical intervention is required to treat the problem timely, and avoid it from aggravating.

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