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Ways To Attain Nasal Congestion Relief

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13 January, 2012

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Best Treatment For Chest CongestionNasal congestion can be quite irritating and frustrating. The problem is associated with blocked nasal passages, thus causing difficulty in breathing. Nasal congestion basically occurs due to swelling in the membranes which line the nasal passages.

An individual may have difficulty in speaking and hearing due to blocked nasal passages. Also, he or she might suffer from heavy snoring while sleeping due to congestion in the nasal areas.

There is insufficient oxygen level, which causes sleep problems. Also, mild head ache and facial pain may occur due to nasal congestion. Further, nasal congestion is often accompanied with symptoms of cough.

Nasal congestion relief can be attained by taking over-the-counter or prescribed medicines. However, it is suggested to follow natural remedies to ease nasal congestion, due to risk of no side effects.

Ways to Attain Nasal Congestion Relief

Salty Water

Using salty water to flush out the nasal passages is a very effective home remedy to deal with the problem of blocked nasal passages. All the allergens and germs would be removed with the help of use of salty water for clearing nasal passages.

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This remedy would also help in getting rid of the mucus in a successful way, thus facilitating the process of breathing. It is suggested to make use of neti pot to practice this home remedy for attaining nasal congestion relief.


Taking steam from hot water, containing a few drops of essential oil like peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil, is a very effective home remedy for easing nasal congestion. It is suggested to place a towel on your head while taking steam, so that the steam does not escape from the sides.

Steam Inhalation


Humidifier plays a great role in providing nasal congestion relief. The fine mist released from the humidifier can help to ease nasal congestion successfully.


Nasal Spray

A saline based nasal spray is a wonderful natural remedy for blocked nasal passages. The nose would get appropriately moisturized with the help of use of saline based nasal spray.

Nasal Spray


Herbs like peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus are considered to be quite effective with regard to easing nasal congestion. It is suggested to inhale these herbs to attain nasal congestion relief.

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Apart from these herbs, mint is also considered to be a very effective herbal remedy to ease nasal congestion. Inhaling mint would help in providing a cooling sensation to the nose, thus facilitating the breathing process.


The role of healthy diet with regard to getting rid of nasal congestion cannot be ignored, it is essentially important for an individual to boost up the health of the immune system by eating healthy and nutritious foods.

With the aid of providing appropriate vitamins and minerals to the immune system, the recovery process of blocked nasal passages would be speeded up to a great extent.

Healthy Diet

The aforementioned strategies would assist in easing nasal congestion in a natural and effective way, without the use of any medicines. If you do not obtain relief from the above given remedies, then you should seek medical advice.

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