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Ways To Attain Pregnancy With Fibroids

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16 November, 2011

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Get Pregnant With FibroidsFibroids are tissue growths that are found inside the uterus. They are very common among younger women and are not very dangerous as such. But fibroids can cause a lot of problems and discomfort in women and this includes infertility as well which is a serious issue among younger women.

Fibroids And Pregnancy

The presence of fibroids can sometime render a woman incapable of getting pregnant. The fertilised eggs need to be planted on the walls of the uterine walls for a woman to become pregnant. The presence of fibroids in the uterine walls will prevent the adherence of eggs.

Even when the eggs manage to reach the uterine walls and the woman becomes pregnant, there are other dangers like a possible abortion within the first trimester as the fibroid will lead to changes inside the walls of the uterus and prevent adequate blood flow to the growth of the foetus.

How To Get Pregnant With Fibroids

Though the normal treatment method for fibroids is surgery, there are other alternative treatment methods as well which can help a woman get pregnant without the intervention of a surgery. Diet control, exercise and certain timed methods can help attain pregnancy. Let’s see how.


Using acupuncture for treating fibroids is known to have helped many women attain the dream of pregnancy. A registered acupuncturist must first be consulted for this purpose. Certain points in the ankles are related to the uterus and using acupuncture will increase the circulation in the uterus, thereby reducing the size of the fibroids considerably.


Fibroids that are bleeding can be treated with medications in homeopathy. Based on the extent of the bleeding, the homeopath may prescribe medications like phosphorus, trillium, shina or Sabina to attain normalcy.

Herbal Therapy

Herbs like Er jow, chuang xiong, poo wha etc. are known to treat fibroids well. However, ensure that you use these herbs only under the close monitoring of a herbalist.

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In invitro fertilisation, the woman is stimulated with drugs to produce more eggs in a single cycle. The collected eggs are fertilised externally with sperms and after a certain period, placed back in the woman’s womb.

In IUI, the sperm is collected and washed and the best ones are selected and directly injected into the woman’s uterus during the most fertile days. Though a simple procedure, it is very expensive.


Myectomy is the surgical removal of the fibroids, so that the block is removed and women have increased chances of getting pregnant. Much depends on the expertise of the surgeon in retaining the function of the uterus, to facilitate the woman to become pregnant.

Uterine Artery Embolization

The uterine artery embolization or the UAE is the procedure by which the doctor inserts small particles on the fibroid growth with the help of a camera. This will block flow of blood to the area and shrink the tumour, facilitating pregnancy.


In this process, the intercourse is aptly timed after taking the body temperature of the woman and checking her cervical mucus for the fertile days and having sexual intercourse at during these days.

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