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Various Uses Of Witch Hazel For Your Beauty Regime

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20 August, 2011

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Various Uses Of Witch Hazel For Your Beauty RegimeWhenever it comes to home and herbal remedies for our many skin problems we usually like relying on home items and known herbs. However many people know little about the multiple benefits of the wonderful herb witch hazel. Though the name of the herb can be pretty intimidating, the herb itself is a great remedy for numerous problems!

Witch Hazel As A Natural Astringent

The most popular use of this herb is as a natural astringent. So if you have an oily skin and your skin is prone to pimple and acne owing to oiliness then you know that the witch hazel herb is the best herbal remedy for it! The juices from the shrubs as well as the barks are used to treat oiliness and give you a clear skin. The regular use of the witch hazel herb will ensure that you have smooth and soft skin.

Its Effectiveness Against Acne And Pimple

Since the witch hazel herb acts well as a natural astringent and closes pores and keeps your skin fresh and dry, it automatically stops the growth and formation of acne and pimples. Even if you have an acne problem, just dab your face with witch hazel extracts at least twice everyday for long lasting results. It will help you get rid of the blemishes and leave you with a spotless skin and that too naturally!

Great For Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes

Having dark circles and eye bags can take away greatly from your beauty. No matter how much you may try to camouflage, it can make you appear tired. Witch hazel can help you get rid of bags under the eyes and also tightens the delicate skin underneath your eyes to remove bags and even tiny wrinkles that often occur when you reach your 30’s. So once a day apply some fresh witch hazel extract gently on the skin beneath your eyes for effective results.

Witch Hazel As An Effective Health Remedy

Not only is the herb useful as beauty remedies but it is an herbal remedy for common health problems as well. Whether you have a sore throat or you have a common cold or even laryngitis, a throat gargle with witch hazel can provide you instant relief! Make a concoction with witch hazel extracts, cloves and myrrh and gargle with it.

If you have sensitive gums or a bleeding gum problem then you can rub some witch hazel juice mixed with clove oil and myrrh extracts on your gum for relief. Bugs can be awfully irritating and often bug bites can lead to swelling and inflammation of skin. You can seek immediate relief by applying some fresh witch hazel extract over it.

Usage For Your Baby’s Rashes

Your baby’s skin is very delicate and vulnerable and hence it is most suitable that you use natural remedies for dealing with skin rashes that are very common in babies. Apply some witch hazel extract on your baby’s skin and let the moisture dry before slipping on diapers again.

There are many other usages of witch hazel like its usage for healing wounds and relief from stool problems. However it is best that you consult your doctor before using any herb without proper supervision.

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