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23 July, 2011

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Suffering from thick, sticky, and smelly vaginal discharge for quite some time now? Tried plenty of medications and supplements for the same without any fruitful results? Well, not to worry! For here is one product that would help you overcome this rather embarrassing, personal problem!

Ashoka Herbal Supplements!

Mainly targeted at the woman’s reproductive system, Ashoka Herbal Supplements are favored by women all over the world for their healing properties and health benefits. And although there are many uses for this wonder drug, one of its major functions is to help avert vaginal discharge in women.

Why do I need Ashoka? Why not something else?

Vaginal discharge can be an extremely embarrassing problem to combat. And even though there are several products in the market, including various drugs, creams and supplements that offer a relief from the smelly issue, they fail to meet expectations. And more often than not, even repeated use of these products over several weeks would have no effect on the problem.

However, with Ashoka, you don’t need to worry about not getting fruitful results. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you if you choose to go for this herbal supplement. Accordingly, Ashoka –

  • Helps to effectively treat all kinds of vaginal discharges and leucorrhea, in addition to preventing further episodes of the same.
  • Helps to work on both the vaginal and cervical canals, preventing smelly discharges from both areas.
  • Helps to strengthen the uterus membrane and tones the urinary tract.
  • Is natural and completely safe to use with minimum or no side effects at all.
  • Possess antibacterial and anti microbial properties. (“Antibacterial activity of flowers & flower buds of Saraca Indica Linn”. Pasl SC, Maiti AP, Chatterjee BP, Nandy A. Indian J Med Res. 1985 Aug;82:188-9. PMID 4054982 [PubMed]).
  • Helps to stimulate activities like hormone utilization; and tones the ovarian tissues.
  • Also helpful in treating issues like vaginal bleeding and other menstrual complications which might cause vaginal discharge.

Why do I need Ashoka Herbal Supplements in the first place?

More often than not, women feel embarrassed to reveal certain health related issues to even their loved ones. And one such really problematic issue happens to be vaginal discharge. Unpleasant to look at and quite smelly, vaginal discharges can in some cases lead to the development of an inferiority complex in the mind of the individual in question.

Vaginal Discharges also tend to cause other unnecessary side effects like anorexia, extreme fatigue, hot flushes, irritation and in the worst case scenario, infertility.

When treating sensitive issues like vaginal discharge, the best bet would be to go in for natural remedies as there is minimum or no worry of negative side effects that might otherwise bring forth a series of other issues in the body. And that is where Ashoka enters the picture!

Using Ashoka Supplements:

Also called as Saraca Indica, Ashoka is a natural supplement that is completely herbal and safe to use (save a few exceptions as mentioned below). Found in the dense tropical forests of India, the Ashoka plant in its entirety is used as a supplement. These include the bark, flowers and the seeds of the plant, all of which posses antimicrobial properties (Sainath Rs, Prathiba J, Malathi R. “Antimicrobial properties of the stem bark of Saraca Indica [Casesalpiniaceae]” Eur Red Med Pharmacol Sci. 2009 Sep-Oct; 13(5):371-4. PMID: 19961043).

These capsules are used by millions of women around the world owing to their power packed benefits. Accordingly, Ashoka herbal supplements help to prevent several issues in the reproductive and uterine tracts of women, some of which include vaginal discharge, leucorrhea, vaginal bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle and dermatophytic fungi etc.

Main Ingredients in Ashoka

Ashoka is an ayurvedic supplement that is completely natural and herbal. These supplements are made from the plant itself, with the root, seeds, bark, and flowers playing a major role in creating a wholesome product that targets the female reproductive organs and issues arising in the same.

How these supplements work

The ingredients present in Ashoka supplements help to create a stimulating effect on the ovarian tissues and endometrium. They also help to tone the uterine tract, thereby increasing the blood circulation in the same and preventing uterine disorders.

The natural antibiotic property of the supplements helps to create an acerbic effect on the mucous membrane that lines the reproductive system. This in turn would effectively control mild to severe cases of vaginal discharge; and other more serious conditions like leucorrhea.

Directions for Use

The common, recommended dosage for these Ashoka supplements is 1-2 capsules on a daily basis. Of course, you can always check with a physician for a change in dosage in par with your body condition.



Common Questions you may want to ask about Vaginal Discharge and the role of Ashoka (Saraca Indica) supplements.

What exactly is vaginal discharge and how does it affect the body?

Vaginal discharge can be termed as a common phenomenon in women. Almost every woman would have some amount of vaginal discharge that normally happens right before/after her monthly menstrual cycle or after pregnancy.

This condition cannot be considered harmful as it is actually the vagina’s way of cleansing itself off the dead, waste cells present inside the vaginal tract. In addition to this, a normal vaginal discharge (which is usually white in color and has no odor) would provide lubrication to the vaginal canal and keep it safe from infections.

While the normal vaginal discharge is not a concern, you know there is a problem when the discharge becomes thicker than normal, attains a yellowish hue (sometimes brownish) and starts omitting a foul odor.

This condition normally occurs due to a variety of other reasons like STDs, thread worms, inflammation of the uterus; conditions like Trichomonal Vaginitis (the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge), Monilial Vaginitis (occurs in women suffering from diabetes mellitus, or those who consume antibiotics, including oral contraceptive pills), and cervicitis.

How do I distinguish a normal vaginal discharge from an abnormal one?

The signs are easy to notice and comprehend in the case of an abnormal vaginal discharge. These include a frothy, yellow/brown discharge accompanied by a foul odor, severe itching sensation in the vaginal and groin regions; backache, weakness, and extreme fatigue.

What would happen if I left this condition untreated?

Although a normal vaginal discharge is something you would not want to worry about, if you start noticing the signs of an abnormal discharge, it is highly recommended that you check with a gynecologist to attain the cause of the issue and start an appropriate treatment for the same immediately.

Abnormal vaginal discharges have known to cause several physical and emotional issues in an individual, with the worst case scenario being cancerous growth. There is also a chance of the infection spreading to your partner via sexual intercourse!



Are there any side effects I need to be worried about?

Since the product is made of natural ingredients, you can expect minimum or no side effects at all. A few side effects are known to cause mild issues in women who are either pregnant or are breastfeeding. In these cases, it is best recommended that you speak with a qualified professional before switching to Ashoka.

Will I get addicted to these pills?

Most definitely not! Ashoka is a herbal supplement that does not contain any addictive components. This would enable you to use them for long periods without worrying about your body getting addicted to them.

How long do I need to take Ashoka Supplements for positive results?

As and when you start taking Ashoka supplements, you can expect to see positive results within a month. Of course, these results can also vary depending on your body condition, constraints and specifications; and the seriousness of the issue. However, the results achieved will be long terms and progressive.

What other precautions do I need to take in addition to consuming Ashoka Supplements?

Food Constraints: It is highly recommended that you stick to a low fat diet and cut down on canned, processed and junk foods. Switch to leafy vegetables and plenty of greens instead. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body off unnecessary toxins and keep it hydrated.

Sexual Constraints: Stay safe during sexual intercourse with your partner. Reduce all sexual activities to a minimum in order to minimize the risk of the infection spreading to your partner.


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