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Treat Joint Pain With 11 Natural Methods

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27 July, 2011

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Treat Joint Pain With 11 Natural MethodsJoint pain is a very common problem affecting a huge chunk of people all over the world. Though associated mostly with old age, even youngsters today are falling for the problem. Joint pain can be very debilitating as it can even cause severe pain when you do simple tasks like sitting or standing or moving your legs.

A person with joint pain will have a damaged cartilage or cushioning system which helps in preventing friction between the joints. A number of factors can be the reason for joint pain. Diseases like arthritis, hepatitis, accidents, sprains, rubella etc. are some reasons that can cause joint pain.

Rheumatic arthritis is a severe condition that can cause joint pains even during childhood. Severe cases of joint pain could require surgical assistance and joint replacement.

For those of you who would not like to go for surgeries and would want to control the pain and associated symptoms can try home remedies which are good for improving the quality of life. But home remedies work best when they are administered at the initial stages of joint pain itself. Severe cases would still require certain amount of medical assistance to stay sane and pain free.

Natural Remedies For Treating Joint Pain

Turmeric For Relieving Joint Pain

Toxic build up in the body can get accumulated in the joints, triggering flare ups and inflammation that lead joint pain. Turmeric has a potent compound called curcumin that helps in removing harmful chemicals in the body that causes joint pain.

Turmeric can be added in your diet for enjoying its anti inflammatory qualities and to help cleanse your body. Take half a teaspoon of turmeric and add it to one glass of water. Do this cleansing process every day to keep away from joint pain.

Onions For Relieving Joint Pain

For keeping the bones healthy and strong, the role of sulphur is very important. This is why a globule of sulphur like onion is very important in busting joint pain.

The connective tissues as well as the cartilage are strengthened with the help of sulphur compounds in onion, thereby preventing wear and tear that leads to joint pain. Eat onions raw and include them in your food as well to enjoy the benefit of sulphur compounds.

Ginger For Relieving Joint Pain

When you have joint pain, the inflammation follows. Once the inflammation is completely removed, the joint pain too subsides. Naturally occurring substances that have anti inflammatory properties can be used for treating joint inflammation. Ginger is the number one in this list.

Ginger relieves all kinds of inflammation and pain in the body and hence can do a host of good to your body if you consume it raw every day. If consuming ginger raw is not your cup of tea, try taking ginger tea which has a wonderful flavour that keeps your blood circulation intact as well.

Flax Seeds For Relieving Joint Pain

When your joints and cartilages degenerate, the friction between the joints become unbearable due to the pain associated with it. Keeping the joints well lubricated is very essential at this stage to prevent more pain and degeneration. Flax seed oil is a great home remedy for keeping the joints healthy and free from inflammation.

Treat Joint Pain With 11 Natural Methods

Flax seed oil is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are needed for bone health. Adding flax seeds in your diet will ensure that you do not get joint pain and remain free from inflammation and degeneration of bones.

Avocados For Relieving Joint Pain

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin for those suffering from bone related disorders. Vitamin K helps in keeping the bones strong. Avocados contain ample vitamin K that can help you in treating joint pains. The fatty base of avocados also help in keeping the bones well lubricated and free from pain. Consume avocados in plenty to avoid joint pain.

Cold Packs For Relieving Joint Pain

Joints that have been injured and swollen can be treated with cold packs to relieve the symptoms. The numbing effect of cold packs can give temporary relief from the pain associated with an injury. Apply the ice packs directly on the joints for relieving the swelling and pain.

Heat Packs For Relieving Joint Pain

When you have chronic diseases like arthritis, a heat pack is a better option to relieve the joint pain. Apply a warm compress by soaking a towel into hot water and pressing it on the joints after excess water is wringed off.

A heat pack too can be applied on the joints to alleviate the pain and swelling.  The heat that pierces the skin offers great relief from swollen and painful joints, helping the patient to relax while it lasts.

Watermelon For Relieving Joint Pain

Watermelon looks more like a cooling food and hence comes as a surprise to most of us. But keeping the joints hydrated too is very essential to combat joint pain. Watermelon does not just keep the body hydrated, but also helps in developing and preserving the strength of bones.

How? Watermelon contains the same sulphur compounds present in onion that helps in bone health. Consume watermelon for abundant bone health and relief from joint pain.

Asparagus For Relieving Joint Pain

Another great remedy for relieving joint related problems and pain is asparagus. Consume asparagus every day and keep your bones and cartilages strong and free from damage. Asparagus too has sulphur compounds that seem to be doing wonders for joint pain relief.

Hot Water Soak For Relieving Joint Pain

A wonderful soak in hot water can relieve all kinds of pains, let alone joint pain. Soak yourself in a tub full of hot water for 20 minutes and feel the difference.

Exercises For Relieving Joint Pain

Strengthening exercises are very important when you have joint pain. Depending on the joint affected, there are a variety of exercises that can be tried. Exercises like walking, swimming and weight training are good to keep the joints moving and supple and prevent pain.

Stretching exercises too are good for improving blood circulation to the affected joints. These exercises help in improving the flexibility of your muscles and also in helping the muscle tension to be relieved considerably.

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