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Treat Acne Naturally With Natural Progesterone Cream

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14 October, 2011

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Treat Acne  With Progesterone CreamAcne treatment methods are many and one can find an array of creams, ointments, medications and what not, easily available in the market. Many of us are used to these creams and treatment methods that are just hollow promises from the manufacturers and nothing else.

When you explore the natural methods of acne treatment, there are a dime a dozen and most of them are much better than the creams in the market and can be safely applied on the skin without any side effect. One such treatment method is the use of natural progesterone creams for acne treatment.

A little streamlined than the other treatment methods that are naturally occurring, progesterone creams must be used with caution, failing which you might land in trouble.

How To Use Natural Progesterone Creams For Acne Treatment

Calculating Ovulation Cycle

Progesterone creams work best when you have identified the days of ovulation correctly. These are the days when the hormone fluctuation in your body will be maximum and you will have countless problems along with acne formations to take care of.

The ovulation cycle normally takes place fourteen days after menstruation. This is the time when the cream will have to be applied. The process of massaging the cream on core areas has to be continued till your next menstrual cycle.

Application Of Progesterone Cream

Starting from the 14th day after your periods, progesterone cream can be applied on areas of the body where the capillaries are much closer to the skin. This is for better absorption of the cream into the body. Massage around 20 mg of progesterone cream thoroughly on the facial skin, neck, inner areas of the arms and chest.

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The amount of cream that has to be applied can be calculated with the concentration of progesterone present in the cream. If you are using a progesterone suspension that is 1.6% by way of weight, you can use a quarter teaspoon for the application every day.

Continue this treatment for 2 monthly cycles and see if the results are encouraging. If after 2-3 months of application, if the results do not show and you begin to feel the side effects on your body, it is advised to discontinue the use.

Possible Side Effects Of Progesterone Cream

The usage of progesterone creams should be done only with the guidance of a herbalist. It is important to check the hormone levels in your body before using progesterone creams. There are also synthetic creams known as progestin which too can cause side effects like PMS. Natural progesterone creams are derived from wild yam and hence may not cause any problem if you are using it with the close monitoring of a doctor.

Other possible side effects that can surface if you use progesterone creams in excess are nausea, stomach, muscle and breast pain, vaginal discharge and itching, weight gain and excess hair growth, acne formations etc. If you experience any of these symptoms while using progesterone creams, make sure that you stop the treatment and consult a herbalist for advice.

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