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Top Heart Attack Warning Signs To Keep It At Bay

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23 March, 2012

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A heart attack usually occurs when the flow of oxygen rich blood to the heart muscles suddenly gets blocked.   If the flow of blood is not restored immediately, the heart muscles start sinking and eventually die.  Heart attack is also named as Cardiac infarction, myocardial infarction and coronary thrombosis.

Heart attack most often happens due to buildup of waxy substance called plaque inside the coronary arteries that supply oxygen rich blood to the heart.  When the plaque buildup eventually breaks open inside an artery, blood clot is formed on the plaque’s surface.

It the clot is big enough, it can completely block supply of blood to the heart through a coronary artery. The blockage must be treated quickly; otherwise heart won’t be able to pump enough blood that our body needs.  Severe spam in the coronary arteries can also cut the blood supply to the heart. This is a leading cause of death in many cases.

Heart Attack Warning Signs

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Usually heart attacks starts slowly with mild pain and discomfort, but sometimes it is sudden and intense also. Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death, not only in United States but throughout the world.

Often people being ignorant about the signs and symptoms of heart attack, due to which they wait too long to reach for help. Recognizing the signs and acting fast can save a person’s life and also limit the damage caused to the heart.

Learn the signs. Don’t hesitate to call a doctor, even if you find the symptoms little different from the symptoms of a heart attack. Getting it checked out is the best precaution you can take.  Sometimes symptoms can be mild at the beginning. Every minutes count; your fast and prompt action can save life of a person.

Top Heart Attack Warning Signs To Keep It At Bay

Chest discomfort is most common symptom of heart attack.  The pain involves discomfort at the center of the chest that often lasts for only few minutes, goes away and usually comes back. The pain can be mild or strong. Patient can feel squeezing, pain or pressure on the chest.

Patient can also feel pain in back, arms, jaw, neck and even stomach. Sometimes victim of heart attack feels shortness of breath along with chest pain.

Sometimes shortness of breath can be without chest pain also.  Some other signs that can accompany are lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and breaking out into cold sweat or sudden dizziness.

Heart attack victim may also feel lack of energy and fatigue. If you yourself are experiencing symptoms like this and there is no one around you, do not drive to the reach the hospital yourself. Call an ambulance.

Heart Attack Warning Signs

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Ambulances are generally equipped with lifesaving equipment. On the way to hospital they can provide emergency treatment and save your life. Take any nitroglycerin pill or aspirin till you receive emergency help.

Women may exhibit quite different symptoms like clammy skin, unusual fatigue, heartburn and dizziness. Chest pain which is a common sign of heart attack in men may not occur at all in many women victim. Men are more susceptible to heart attack than women due to alcohol consumption and smoking.

Doctors advice people not to wait for more than 5 minutes the moment they realize they have impending heart attack, particularly when they have a history of heart disease.

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