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Top 6 Constipation Natural Remedies

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14 September, 2011

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Top 6 Constipation Natural RemediesIs constipation spoiling your day every morning? Are your bowel movements leaving you rather strained lately? Well, yours is not a unique case as constipation is known to be the most common type of digestive problem in many countries.

Although the frequency of the bowel movements differs from person to person, if you are passing hard stool less than three times every week then you should seek some cure to overcome the condition. Constipation is common in almost all age-groups but it is found to be more prevalent in women and elderly people above the age of 65.

However, it also affects pregnant women, patients who have undergone a surgery or childbirth and are under medication. So, here is a list of remedies that might come quite handy if you really want to ward off constipation.

Increase Fluid Intake

One of the basic steps to deal with constipation is to increase the amount of water consumed everyday. Apart from water, you could also drink other fluids such as juices and soups to augment the amount of fluid consumed by your body per day. However, watch out for aerated drinks such as caffeine and colas as these might result in dehydration.

Consume More Fiber

Increase the amount of fiber consumed by you every day to ease constipation. Insoluble fiber pass through the system almost unaltered and it provides the stool with a soft texture that makes it easy to pass. However, make sure that you drink enough amount of water along with the fiber, to give stools the soft texture, without which you might get all the more constipated.

Wheat bran, whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables and brown rice are excellent sources of fiber and should be included in the diet everyday. Apart from these foods, fiber supplements are also found which facilitate bowel movements to a large degree.


People who suffer from recurrent phases of constipation often find great relief after resorting to acupressure. Acupressure is a form of treatment that includes the application of pressure through fingers to certain acupressure points in the body. Many people find acupressure to be the perfect remedy for constipation as it goes a long way in improving the bowel movements.

Eat Natural And Simple Diet

A basic rule to keep constipation at bay is consuming simple but balanced diet comprising of small meals across the day. Add loads of fruits, green and leafy vegetables, lentils as well as milk products in your everyday diet to ensure clear bowel movements. While a restricted diet is not required, make sure that high fat food items such as meat, cheese and processes foods are avoided to prevent constipation.

Increase Magnesium Intake

Health experts have reiterated that a decrease in the amount of magnesium in the body might results in constipation. High sources of magnesium include whole grains, a variety of vegetables, seeds as well as nuts while supplements of the minerals are also available.


Constipation is seen to be quite common among people who do not get involved in much physical activity. Regular exercising can act as the perfect antidote to constipation while improving bowel movements.

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