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Sudden Joint Pain In Children

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31 August, 2011

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Sudden Joint Pain In ChildrenJoint pain or arthritis is commonly associated with adults, and that too when they enter old age. It is mainly a health related disorder that is associated with aging. However, it may also occur due to some injury. The problem of joint pain seems to be more severe when it occurs in children.

At times, children may complain of sudden joint pain, which may be a serious issue. Sudden joint pain in children should not be ignored at all. It is a serious issue as the joints of children are very delicate, and need to be treated very carefully.

A few children are seen to be suffering from severe reactive arthritis, which is believed to decrease gradually within a few months. This type of joint pain mainly occurs due to some bacterial or viral infection. However, this kind of arthritis in young children may even last for years, as the doctors are sometimes not able to identify the cause properly.

Causes Of Sudden Joint Pain In Children

The doctor should be very careful while trying to determine the causes of joint pain in children. It is very important for doctors to understand the conditions in which a child complained about the joint pain.

Further, the doctor should also try to identify if the pain in joints is associated with some other health related problem. A few possible factors which might result in sudden joint pain in children consist of tendinitis, bone tumors, fibromyalgia, and bursitis.

Symptoms Of Joint Pain In Children

Pain in the joints might be associated with several symptoms like inflammation in the joints, redness in the joint area, and swelling around the affected joint area. Also, the affected area may become quite stiff, thus restricting movement.

Further, any kind of cyst or nodule related to joints should be noted. At times, children may feel stiffness in the joint early morning after waking up from bed, which can be treated by warming up the joint area for a few minutes.

Treatments For Joint Pain In Children

Pain relievers are often prescribed to deal with joint pain related to tendinitis and bursitis. Children suffering from osteoarthritis are usually prescribed anti inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen. If any kind of infection is diagnosed in joints, then antibiotics are often advised.

Preventing Sudden Joint Pain In Children

Prevention is always the best cure. It is recommended to take several precautionary measures, so that the children do not encounter pain in the joints. Children should do some warm up exercises before starting the workouts for the day, so that the joints and muscles are relaxed.

This would help in preventing joint pain due to tendinitis and bursitis. However, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis related causes of joint pain cannot be prevented. The aforementioned information would be of significant assistance in understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments with respect to joint pain in children.

The discussion can be of immense assistance in preventing sudden joint pain in children. However, still if the problem exists, then immediate medical advice should be taken, to prevent the problem from aggravating.

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