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Signs & Symptoms Of Hemophilia

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13 April, 2012

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Signs & Symptoms Of HemophiliaHemophilia is a rare heritable tendency to bleed uncontrollably due to a deficit or irregularity in any of the clotting factors, observed almost entirely in the male gender.

Those with inborn hemophilia possess dearth of or zilch clotting factor which is a protein working along with platelets to assist the blood in clotting normally.

Symptoms Of Hemophilia

Hemophilia patients suffer from lengthier bleeding in comparison to other people after injuring themselves. They might ail from internal bleeding, particularly in the knee, elbow and ankle areas. Such blood loss can have a damaging effect on the tissue and organ types, thus being risky to life.

The Chief Symptoms Of Hemophilia Are Outlined Herewith

Undue Blood Loss

The degree of blood being lost is directly proportional to the severity of hemophilia that the person suffers from. Kids having mild-ranging hemophilia might be asymptomatic except when they exhibit extreme blood loss following a visit to the dentist, mishap or surgical procedure. Male patients having severe ranging hemophilia might experience heavy bleeding after being circumcised.

Indication Of External Blood Loss Might Comprise Of

Blood loss from the oral region due to cuts, bites or tooth falling off. Perfusion of blood from nose without any apparent explanation. Undue blood being emitted from even a small bruise or graze. A scrape or cut that exudes blood shortly after stoppage.

Signs & Symptoms Of Hemophilia

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Indications Of Internal Blood Loss Might Comprise Of

Hematuria or bloody hints in urine due to blood being lost from organs like urinary bladder or kidney. Blood in excrement arising from blood being lost from the abdominal or intestinal region. Bigger bruising due to blood being lost into the larger muscles.

Joint Bleeds

Joint bleeds are commonly observed type of internal blood loss among hemophilia sufferers and generally affecting elbow, knee or any joint of the body. Such blood loss could surface sans any apparent wound or injuries.

Initially, joint bleeding is causal to rigidity in that joint, however, there is absence of any actual pains or apparent indications of blood loss. Eventually, the affected joint develops swelling, becomes stiff and agonizing when bent, extended or fully flexed.

The joint may feel hot on touching it. As the condition deteriorates, the swelling intensifies and ultimately temporary loss in joint motion occurs. Pains felt could be acute and if joint bleeds aren’t promptly treated they could have a damaging effect on the joints.

Bleeding In Brain

Bleeding in the brain often occurs following a slight bang/hit on the head or a grave wound. It is a fatal complication for hemophilia sufferers.

Such Internal blood Loss In Brain Triggers Symptoms Like

Prolonged, debilitating headaches or rigidity or pains in the neck. Blurred or dual vision. Drowsiness or behavioural alterations. Feeling abruptly weak or clumsy in the leg/arm areas or finding it difficult to walk, Seizure attacks, Repetitive puking.

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