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Signs And Symptoms Of Fibroids

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15 November, 2011

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Signs And Symptoms Of FibroidsFibroids are very common among women of reproductive age. Though many women spend sleepless nights over lump formations related to fibroids, they are actually non cancerous and do not pose any risk to life. Fibroids grow on the uterine lining and are characterised by certain symptoms that are very typical of the condition.

When a woman’s body has increased levels of estrogen, as in the case of menstruation, the lump size increases and causes a lot of distress as well. Listed below are the symptoms associated with fibroids.

Symptoms Of Fibroids

Fertility Problems

Those women who have fibroid tumours will also be faced with fertility problems. This is due to the fact that the fertilised egg will be prevented by the fibroids from attaching to the uterine wall for conception.

At times the egg which gets attached to the uterine wall will be later rejected as a result of which the woman can go into abortion. Abortions occur because the tumour growth will restrict the blood flow to the foetus and also will lead to changes in the uterine cavity which will not be conducive for foetal health.

Menstrual Irregularities

Fibrosis can create a number of difficulties during menstruation. This can be in the form of severe abdominal pain, a feeling of bloating, and pain in the pelvic area followed by a sensation of pressure in the pelvic area as well due to the growth of the fibroid tumour. Periods will be very irregular and bleeding can sometimes turn uncontrollable and abnormal as well. Women also experience bleeding or spotting in between periods which too can cause a lot of distress.

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Irregular Bladder And Bowel Function

The proximity of fibroid tumours to the bladder will lead to bladder problems as well. The tumour can grow large enough and block the bladder and as a result the bladder space will be reduced considerably. This will lead to increased amount of urination and the urgency will be such that you almost lose control. The decreased space will also lead to pain while urinating and this too can be a major cause of worry.

Coming to bowel irregularities, as the tumour grows, it can put pressure on the colon as well leading to constipated bowels. However, constipation may not be a direct result of fibroids, when women are advised iron tablets by the doctor to combat the heavy loss of blood. Iron intake too can lead to constipation and in such cases one must increase the intake of fibre or tale fibre supplements to prevent constipation.


Haemorrhoids are formed when the fibroid tumour exerts pressure on the rectum, causing the bowels to get constipated and hence difficult to move out. Constant rectal pressure can lead to piles and colon damage as well.

Abdominal Swelling

Abdominal bloating and swelling is caused when the fibroids grow and occupy the abdominal area. There would be pelvic pressure, abdominal cramps and sometimes back pain and tingling as well when the nerves at the back are crushed due to the tumour growth.

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