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Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

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15 November, 2011

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Symptoms Of Breast CancerSecond only to skin cancer when it comes to the commonest cancer affecting women, breast cancer kills many women worldwide. Most of the time, the symptoms are ignored, leading women to a battle of life and death ultimately. It is therefore very important for all women to know the symptoms of breast cancer so that they are able to identify them on time and take measures to arrest the cancer in the initial stage itself.

Listed below are the symptoms that you must watch out for if you have to prevent yourself from a lot of complications and distress.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Lump Formation

A lump in the breast is one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer. However, the presence of a lump does not actually signify breast cancer in all cases. It could be due to noncancerous conditions too. It is therefore very important to check the lump for cancerous cells before it’s too late.

Enlargement Of Breast

As the cancer grows, there will be anomaly in breast shape. If you are the kind to check your breast regularly, you will immediately notice this change. As cancer does not appear in both breasts, there would be a change in size of the affected breast which would be very well noticeable. Feel your breast for lump formations and thickening of the tissues under your underarms and breast. If you feel that something is amiss, makes sure that you schedule a visit to the doctor as early as possible.

Shape Changes

Along with the change in size, there would also be changes in the shape of either of the breast. Depending on the area of lump growth, the shape of your breast would change. This too would be noticeable immediately if you regularly check your breasts. Hold your hands high and look from all directions for change of shape. If you find any shape change, feel the area by pressing with your fingers, to see if there is any lump that could be hard and immovable.


Most breast cancer patients would have some kind of discharge from their breast. This could be due to the liquefying of the tissues as the cancer spreads. The discharge can also be bloody at times and would ooze out of the nipples.

Change In Nipple Shape

The nipple would have a possible shape change and this too can be identified easily if you check in the mirror for anomalies and differences in nipple and overall shape of your breasts.

Lymph Node Enlargement

Enlargement of the lymph node may not be present in the initial stages of breast cancer. However, as the cancer advances, it could surface. The glands would be present under the arm, on the side of the affected breast.

All these symptoms must be put together along with other tests like biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. This is because the symptoms of breast cancer are varied and can appear differently in each woman. The only thing to make sure is to keep watch on the symptoms and get checked adequately.

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