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Seven Symptoms Of Migraine

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5 April, 2012

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migraine symptomsMany ailments which might sound really simple, have a very negative effect on our lives, both personal and professional. A very commonly heard term nowadays, is the migraine.

But did we know that migraine is much more than just a plain headache and if not treated can become severe? Before we go ahead and learn the treatments for migraine from various sources, we need to first equip ourselves with knowledge about the symptoms of migraine.

This article does not put forth treatments or remedies for migraine but it will tell you some symptoms of migraine, which you or your near ones may be suffering from and putting off thinking it to be just another headache !

Seven Symptoms of Migraine

Deep Pulsating or Dull Headache

Headache is one of the major symptoms of migraine. Migraine may not start with a sharp pain in the head always. It can be dull headache as well. It can occur either in one side of the head or both sides.

Also, the headache can be accompanied by visual disturbances and neck stiffness as well. This pain can be so tiring that it can easily interfere with your day to day activities. Make a note of the exact locations and frequency of the headache so that your doctor can analyse correctly if it’s a migraine headache or not.

Nausea and Vomiting

Many of us have a feeling of motion sickness when we travel in a bus, boat or on a swing. This feeling may or may not be followed by vomiting.

migraine signs

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A similar nauseous feeling and vomiting experienced along with headache could be a symptom of migraine.

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Intolerance to Light

A patient suffering from migraine experiences extreme sensitivity to light and therefore prefers to be in a dark place with lights off. It is said that exposure to bright light makes the migraine pain worse. This is termed as photo-phobia. In a nutshell, headache accompanied by photo-phobia can be a symptom of migraine.

Intolerance to Sound

Sound, especially loud music is also beyond tolerance of one suffering from migraine. This is termed as phonophobia. Some people also experience sensitivity to certain kinds of smells.


As mentioned earlier, migraine attack causes fatigue which in turn leads to irritability and depression. It may also be accompanied by anger and violence at times.


Some people might suddenly become active and feel energetic. This condition is known as Hyperactivity. Other symptoms like confusion in thinking and difficulty in concentration may also be present.

Food Cravings and Thirst

It is true that we all have our own list of favourite foods. But the word food cravings is used here because during or before a migraine attack, you cannot control the urge to consume certain types of foods, which may vary from person to person.

Some migraine patients also become very thirsty before the migraine attack. Let us now see what kind of foods a migraine patient generally craves for. Some patients crave for salty stuff like chips while others may crave for sweet foods like chocolates. High carb foods like pasta, noodles and protein rich cheese also obtain the first seat in some migraine patients list!

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