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Sea Sickness Remedies To Enjoy

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23 March, 2012

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Some people encounter seasickness when they travel on boat, cruises or ships.  Sea sickness occurs when our body’s inner ear balance comes in contact with unfamiliar motion of the cruise ship.

The movement of the ship puts stress on your brain’s balancing system and thus the inner ear becomes stressed and you feel sick. Often vomiting and nausea sets in.

These days, cruising is one of the most popular options for vacationing. But many people avoid these enjoyable trips due to the fear of sea sickness. But you too can enjoy these trips if you know how to prevent sea sickness. It is easy to prevent sea sickness rather than curing it. You can easily avoid sea sickness by following certain sea sickness rules.

How To Avoid Sea Sickness?

To avoid sea sickness keep your mind occupied by keeping your eyes busy gazing on different things other than your moving ship. You can also keep your mind busy by getting yourself involved in various activities available to spend time.  Stay on the deck so that you can get fresh air.

Walking on the deck can help to stabilize and adjust the fluid in your inner ear the way the ship moves. Keeping your focus on the horizon will lessen the lightheadedness.

Don’t do things that requires staring at one point continuously, like reading a book, working on laptop, doing needle work or watching the compass. The idea is to let your brain get accustomed with the new, unstable environment.

How To Avoid Sea Sickness

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Drink water at regular intervals and take deep breaths.  Your stomach should not be empty also. Eat something light. Avoid spicy, fried and heavy food before journey. Looking through a binocular continuously can also make you sick.

If you are prone to sea sickness, you need to carefully choose your accommodation. Ask for low level cabin on the middle of the ship to avoid motion sickness.

Eat in moderation.  Overeating can cause nausea feeling. Eat healthy snacks between meals like green apples, sliced ginger, crackers, drink lemon soda and ginger ale. Stay away from drinking alcohol. It can make you vulnerable to sea sickness.

Medication For Sea Sickness

Carry over the counter remedies like Dramamine and bonine which are the most common seasickness remedies. Another common remedy is Scopolamine patches that are worn behind the ear just like small band-aid and are quite effective in preventing nausea. They are also available in pill form. If you are prone to sea sickness, take medicine at least half hour before boarding the ship.

Herbal Remedies

Ginger is a very effective remedy for sea sickness. Ginger root and ginger gum are used to prevent sea sickness. Ginger is also available in pill form.


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Pressure Point Bracelet

Try wrist band or pressure point bracelet which provides some kind of acupressure to relieve you from sea sickness.  Wrist band applies pressure on the specific point of your wrist. This is a popular remedy and has been found quite successful for some people.

Fear of getting sea sickness prevents many people from enjoying cruises or boating. Taking precautions can lessen its severity to a great extent and sometimes prevents it altogether. Once you feel sick, call the ship doctor immediately. Doctor may give you shot or medicine to control the symptoms.

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