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Home Remedies To Cure A Hangover

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20 August, 2011

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People who drink large amounts of alcohol have more hangovers. Generally those people who drink alcohol up to a limit have an excessive hangover. And those people who drink less alcohol have a very rare hangover.

So, the first thing to cure a hangover is to not drink alcohol at all. You should also have the patience to get over with the hangover. Hangover symptoms should subside between 9-24 hours if no alcohol is drunk. However, there are many remedies which will definitely help you out in curing a hangover. You can just follow these remedies to get over with a hangover.

Here are the remedies:


Having ibuprofen and aspirin will surely help you out in getting rid of a hangover especially if you experience muscle pain and headache. If along with headache, you also have abdominal pain then you should not take this medication as it can harm you in any way. Ibuprofen should not be taken when you are dehydrated as it can cause kidney dysfunction especially in persons who have poor kidney function.


Those fruits should be eaten which are rich in potassium. So, a banana is considered very helpful in getting rid of a hangover. Sports drinks are also very useful and good sources of potassium.


Obviously, the hangover will cause headache, light headedness and dizziness. So, the best thing to get over with these things is to drink plenty of water. This remedy is considered very useful and helpful to get rid of a hangover. Gatorade is a sport drink which you can drink to relieve dehydration.


Eating eggs in the morning will help you out in removing hangover as eggs help in breaking down acetaldehyde in the body.


Fruits are considered very beneficial to decrease the intensity of hangover symptoms. It will also help you out in increasing the energy and will speed up the process of the body in getting rid of toxins. So, eating fruits at the time of hangover will give you a relief.

Bouillon soup

You should try bouillon soup at the time of a hangover if you do not want to eat anything. This soup will for sure help you in getting rid of a hangover immediately.


To slow down the alcohol absorption, you should eat starchy foods. Sugary foods and sweet drinks should be avoided.


You should take non-carbonated drinks as carbonated drinks can speed up the absorption of the alcohol. Never take alcohol on an empty stomach. Try to have those drinks which are light like gin, vodka and white wines as there will be less chances of getting an excessive hangover. Drinks like bourbon, rum and red wine should be avoided as they are very heavy and you can have a bad hangover.

Other remedies

In the above remedies, it has already been mentioned that it would be really good if you drink plenty of water. Again, drink lots of water before going to the bed. Take rest as much as you can as it will help you out to get rid of hangover immediately. Take a bath with cold water.

These remedies can be followed to get rid of a hangover. You will surely get a relief if you follow any of the remedies to cure a hangover.

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