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Purify Your Colon With Natural Colon Cleanser

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27 February, 2012

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Health problems such as constipation, pain and lack of energy are on the rise these days. Do you know why? It is because of the dirty and toxin-filled colon we have. The digestive system of human beings has been functioning in the same way since the beginning. The body is designed to eliminate toxins and expel waste; but the way we eat has considerably changed and the human race is far away from raw and natural diet for which our body was designed. This has led to build up of waste and release of toxins in the body that further causes diseases and problems. Colon cleansing can help in detoxification and the elimination of these toxins.

Purify Your Colon With Natural Colon Cleanser

Colon therapy or colon cleansing encompasses a number of medical therapies. Although these therapies are intended to eliminate toxins and impacted feces from the colon or intestinal tract, but certain procedures such as enema are known to be associated with electrolyte imbalances and heart attacks. Frequent colon cleansing may also lead to inability to defecate without assistance. A lot of times, balance between natural chemicals and bacteria may also get disrupted.

Purify Your Colon With Natural Colon Cleanser

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On the other hand, natural Colon cleansing can help you clean your colon and stay away from harmful effects of medicated colon cleansing. You can simply opt for fiber-enriched foods or certain herbs to cleanse your colon. Certain foods that can help you in colon cleansing include garlic, psyllium husk, ginger, lemon juice, apple juice, fennel seeds and aloe.

These foods will help in eliminating the stubborn and impacted wastes from the bowels and sweep the walls of intestines to remove microbes, toxins and fecal matter.

Some Simple Home Remedies And Natural Colon Cleansing Recipes

Lemon Ginger Cleanse

This is an excellent detox recipe. Ginger is very well known for boosting up the working of the Gastro-intestinal tract and lemon can enhance immune system. For preparing this recipe, grate some ginger and add to boiling water. Keep the water boiling for five minutes and then add juice of one lime in it. You must have this mixture at least five times per day for a week. The recipe will relieve you of gas and constipation.

Papaya and Flaxseeds Smoothie

The recipe works as a wonderful laxative. You need to blend half a papaya with two spoons of roasted flaxseeds. Have this every morning for about a week. Papaya is rich invitamin C and vitamin E and flaxseeds supply omega 3 fatty acids to the body. This natural cleanser will help you flush out the toxins from your body.

Papaya and Flaxseeds Smoothie

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Apple and Psyllium Husk Cleanse

Apple has loads of vitamin C and fiber. Similarly, Psyllium seeds have been used from ages as a laxative. The recipe will not only promote good bowel movement, it will also refresh and rejuvenate your body.

Psyllium seeds add bulk to the feces at the same time it also helps in reducing the transit time by purging out the built up waste in the Colón. You can have this recipe continuously for 10 to 12 days. These are some of the recipes that can be quite useful for color cleansing. There are plenty of other recipes as well. Try them, kill parasites, lose weight and smell better.

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