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Natural Way To Cure Dandruff

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15 December, 2011

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Are you seeing whitish flakes falling down from your head? Do you see whitish dust particles on your shoulder at the end of the day? Do you have itching all over the head? Are you afraid of wearing black cloth anymore? Then dear friend, you have dandruff on your head!!

Dandruff is the most common ailment of present time. More than 41% of Indian population suffers from dandruff, premature greying, or hair fall in their lifetime. Pollution is the most contributing factor for dandruff occurrence. Nutritional deficiency can also be included in potential reasons for dandruff.

Natural Way To Cure Dandruff

Natural Way To Cure Dandruff

How To Deal With This?

Well, if we are looking for just cure then we can find n number of chemical filled shampoos, medicines, gels, creams and other cosmetic products, which along with removing dandruff also will harm your natural hair growth and complexion. In addition to this there are always chances of re-occurrences. With all these side effects it is better to have dandruff; isn’t it?

Then is There Any Natural Cure For This?

Yes, it is there in Ayurveda!! In ancient texts like charaka Samhita a combination of herbal remedies and treatment is mentioned which can counter attack dandruff like never before!

Natural Way To Cure Dandruff

The procedure name is TAKRADHARA. This is treatment of 35-45 minutes in which buttermilk, medicated with numerous herbs in a specified process is poured continuously over patient’s head.

How To Prepare?

Dry powder of amalaki (gooseberries) is taken and it is to be made into decoction by adding 16 times water and reducing it to 1/4th of it by continuous boiling. Later to this decoction; very sour buttermilk is added of the same quantity of the decoction.

This formulation is filled in a special vessel called as DHARA-PATRA (which has a hole in the bottom for liquid to pour) and then the medicated buttermilk is allowed to flow over patient’s head; covering the whole scalp for 35-45 minutes. Later head bath is taken with Luke warm water.

Natural Way To Cure Dandruff

This process if done daily for three days starts giving results and with one week patient can get rid from dandruff and in bonus other problems like premature greying, itching, and redness.

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Some Scientific Back Up Facts About The Procedure

In dandruff there is blockage in the roots of hairs where nutrition and oxygen supply is essential, plus dust accumulation gives acceleration to dandruff formation. This herbal composition has the quality to scavenge away all the debris and blockage and to strengthen the hair roots with abundant vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties of drugs like gooseberries and buttermilk.

Tips and Cautions

This procedure should be carried out in the morning in empty stomach. After the treatment light, hot diet should be followed. No usage of any shampoo or cosmetics on the hair during the treatment duration. Avoid contact of dust, allergens, excessive sunlight, and pollutants as much as possible.

Use of hair oils or gels should be avoided temporarily, once the treatments are over; regular oil massage to the hair roots is necessary more likely with herbal hair oils.

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