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Natural Treatments For Ovarian Cancer

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14 October, 2011

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Natural Treatments For Ovarian CancerOvarian cancer is not very common among women. However, the cancer has the reputation of being a silent killer due to the mild and confusing symptoms and many women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are diagnosed late due to this. Less than 50% of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer surpass the five year survival rate and more than 15,000 women die of ovarian cancer is the US alone.

Worldwide statistics could be more shattering. When we hear such dismal news, it is only natural that we do not believe much in natural medications. If you are an exponent of natural treatments for cancer, here are some to go by.

Natural Treatments For Ovarian Cancer

Green/Black Tea

While we are aware about the cancer inhibiting properties of green tea due to its anti oxidant nature, we probably did not know that black tea too can help in reducing and preventing cancer formation in the body. Green as well a black tea contains polyphenols and hence drinking 2 to 3 cups of any of these teas, preferably green tea will help in preventing and treating cancer cells in the body.


Phytoestrogns are estrogen identical substances that are found in certain foods. They have cancer inhibiting properties and can be used as a preventive measure and also for treatment of ovarian cancer. Belonging to the group of isoflavones, genistein is also said to increase the effect of drugs used for chemotherapy.

Therefore, it can be used as a combination therapy along with the conventional treatment methods. As there is no specific dosage limit for genistein, talk to your herbalist for the ideal dose that would suit your condition.


Studies with ginger show that it can destroy cancer cells almost in the same rate as a course of chemotherapy drugs. The advantage here is that ginger does not cause any damage to the healthy cells while destroying the cancer cells naturally.

It does not have any side effects too and hence a safe and natural way of treatment for ovarian cancer. Try applying a mixture of ginger juice and olive oil on the lower abdominal area ad massage into the skin 3-4 times a day. Along with that, consume ginger 34 times a day as well. Thus may not be an effective treatment for advanced stages of cancer.


Curcumin is a powerful compound found in turmeric that is known to have anti cancer properties. Certain genes in our body are known to help fight cancer cells. These genes are very strong and need a stimulant like curcumin to activate it. Taking turmeric every day will stimulate the gene and help it to destroy the cancer cells by blocking their multiplication.


Quercetin when taken in quantities of 125-250 mg will help in preventing the chemical signals produced by the ovarian cancer cells to be transmitted to the healthy cells, thereby stopping cancer spread effectively. Quercetin can be taken in between meals thrice a day as per the directions of your doctor.

Make sure that you discuss all the natural methods of treatment undertaken by you with your oncologist. This will help him to assess any clash with chemotherapy drugs that you use.

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