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Natural Treatments For Migraine

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28 December, 2011

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Natural Treatments For MigraineMigraine is a common disabling paroxysmal headache occurring due to many factors including diet, environment, heredity etc. It is common between the age group of 16-60 years.

Head is the most important part which constitutes about the entire functional zone within it. Any discomfort in this area will bring up hinderace in the path of daily activity.

In Ayurveda texts different types of headaches, diseases of head are mentioned. Migraine is one among them. Common symptoms with which person suffers are vomiting, nausea, headache, visual haze, photo phobia and intolerance to sound. It differs in different patients depends on number of attacks, duration, & severity.

What Is The Cure?

In Ayurveda the best cure is a treatment called ‘Nasya’– which means instillation of medicated oil or decoctions processed in Ayurveda herbs; into nostrils. The drugs used in nasya are usually lipid based, highly lipid soluble and slightly water soluble.

Natural Treatments For Migraine

Some of the specific formulation used for nasya is ‘shatbindu’ oil. It contains herbs like cinnamon, yashthimadhu, vidanga, shatavari etc. apart from this some other commonly used drugs are ksheerbala 101, jaggary and ginger juice combination etc.

How It Is Executed?

Patient is made to lie down on a cot. Local massage and steam is given on face and neck area. Oil used for massage is also processed in herbs.

Later the nasal medication is slightly warmed and 6 drops are slowly instilled in both the nostrils. At the same time the palms ad soles of the patient are rubbed extensively. Patient is then asked to spit out the secretion through mouth.

Some Scientific Facts About Nasya

Among the drugs used for nasya, the lipid soluble ingredients get dissolved in the lipid cell membrane of nasal mucosa. It enters the circulation by diffusion process.

Natural Treatments For Migraine

After entering, drugs come in contact with blood brain barrier which are made of lipid membrane and gains across to extra cellular fluid it may penetrate various regions of the brain.

The other wonderful treatment for migraine is ‘Dhara’. In this treatment, pouring medicated oil from a definite height in definite stream over the head of the patient is performed for 45 minutes.

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Mode of Action of Dhara

Here it acts by providing relaxation to the tissues and due to lipid base; it gives much more absorption. In dhara there is prolonged and continuous pressure due to height from which oil is pouring and as surface area is large the rate of absorption is massive.

Natural Treatments For Migraine

However, the rhythmic and monotonous streaming creates relaxation and induces a change in the emotional state of patient, thus normalizing the neurotransmitters. As oil is maintained at constant heat; it causes increased circulation which helps in faster absorption.

Tips and Cautions

Both the treatments should be done in warm and wind-less place on empty stomach. After the process one should avoid dust and sunlight. Patient should maintain hot and light diet. The most preferred diet would be boiled rice and rice water, gruels made up with wheat or gram flour, mutton soup, juices of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, etc.

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