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Natural Treatments For Menopause

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24 August, 2011

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Menopause, well recognized as a particular stage of cessation of ovulation in an aged female’s lifespan, happens to be a frightening word in recent times among many of the old women populace.

However, it is not that menopause problems are common in each and every aged woman.Many of them may and even pass through this phase well sans any acute problems.

Symptoms of Menopause

The symptom list of menopause is varied but they appear and go in a random manner during the period of menopause. Hot flashes characterized by sometimes tremendously hot or may be cold feelings can be experienced by some as a result of improper level of estrogen hormone secretion due to menopause.

Also, sleep problems may occur with headaches or pain in neck, back or in the joints. Skin problems are prone to happen leading to wrinkled skin with dryness because of scanty estrogen secretion.

Some may face problem with bladder like urination in a frequent manner,decreased capacity of the bladder, etc. It can lead to irritating behavior causing depression, anxious feeling, lack of desire in sexual activities, etc.

Whatsoever, for those suffering from abovementioned symptoms of menopause, an extended list of natural treatments are also readily available.

Recommended Natural Treatments

It is too much important to have an increment in the levels of hormone estrogen to treat menopause effects. Estrogen is abundant in soy sprouts, soybeans, alfalfa, flaxseeds in crushed form, garlic, olive oil, papaya, sunflower seeds,tofu, soy cheese, soy nuts which are roasted, wheat, oat, green beans, apples, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, etc. which all are available readily and also they supply important vitamins required for the body in ample amount.

Hot flashes can be reduced by in-taking a minimum of 7-8 glasses of water which is better if distilled in steam, on a daily basis. Vitamin E, in a combination with Citrus Bioflavinoids, acts as an effective hot-flash reliever.

If there are no problems of diabetes, hypertension or heart disease of rheumatic type, then this combination can be consumed two times every day – once in morning and next while retiring to bed at night.

If you are ailing from vaginal dryness or dry and lifeless skin and other acute skin problems, then consumption of foods rich in vitamin A and Beta Carotene will surely come to help. There are ample sources of vitamin A like carrot, mango, eggs, liver, full-fat dairy products, etc.

Also, you can prepare a lotion by mixing ingredients like almond oil in a quantity of 1 ounce, essential oil of geranium in 2 drops and a capsule of Vitamin E of strength 1000 IU and apply in inside area as well as on the outside of vagina two times a day to reduce vaginal dryness.

To cope up with the ailment of menopause in early age, host of B-vitamins often come to help. In boosting up levels of energy to giving support to liver functions to lending an increment to your resistance power towards infections, these vitamins are very important. They supply the power to fight stress, control mood swings and even give a relief from depressed mind states.

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