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Natural Treatments For Dandruff

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24 August, 2011

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Dandruff has lots of myths and facts associated with it. You do not need to pull your hairs apart to get rid of it. Just by understanding the cause and the treatment, you will lead a better life. Dandruff had been a cause of embarrassment for many in various occasions.

Know The Causes To Prevent It

Anyone having dry skin is more prone to dandruff as compared to the one with oily skin. Not keeping your head clean by not shampooing it regularly is another factor for developing dandruff. Dirty and dead skin cells increases the risk of dandruff.

If one is suffering from eczema, psoriasis or any such skin disease must take extra care as they tend to suffer from the problem. Weak immune system has been found to be another cause for dandruff. You must not frequently change the brand of soap and shampoo, as your skin may be allergic to the new chemical. Your diet should include more of foods with zinc and vitamin B.

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Some school of thoughts says that dandruff is directly related to stress and tension. Try to lead a happy and tension-free life. This will not only solve your dandruff problem but will also help you get rid of many other problems. In order to get good dandruff free hair, one must drink a minimum of 2 liter of water a day.

You must get into the habit of eating lots of fresh fruits, salads and green leafy vegetables. Proper hygiene must be maintained at home and each should have their own set of combs which should be cleaned at regular intervals of few days

Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:6. Use this liquid over the scalp at night. Tie your hairs with a towel. Clean your hairs and scalp with cold water next day.

You can also use shampoo to clean. When done, rinse your head with vinegar water once again. Use this treatment for every week for four months to get the dandruff free scalp.

Massaging with mixture of vinegar and lemon juice has proved to yield great results for people suffering from severe dandruff.2 tsp of vinegar should be added to 1 tsp of lemon juice. This juice extract should always be freshly made and used.

The famous Aspirin tablets are for not only body aches, but also can prove a boon for people suffering with dandruff. You can wash your hair with dissolving 2 aspirins in your desired anti-dandruff shampoo. Patient with sensitive skin should give a try on a smaller scalp region before going for the complete head.

You can make your own home based shampoo as well. An equal proportion of reetha, shaikakai, and amla are to be boiled with a liter of water. Let the water boil till the volume becomes half.

Let it cool and store this shampoo in bottle to be used for later usage for a month. This will make your scalp dandruff free along with providing strength to the roots of hair making them stronger.

One should not worry anymore about the dandruff and start taking action. Within few weeks, you are sure to get rid of the dandruff by following the above-mentioned natural remedies.

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