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Natural Treatments For Cough

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2 January, 2012

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Natural Treatments For CoughCough is generally understood as abrupt exhalation, as when one has a chest cold or congestion (Excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part). It is a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis.

It is most bothersome disease also; as it hinders daily activities and spoils the surrounding environment also. It is a source for most of the communicable diseases. It is considered as high distributor of droplet infections.

Continuous and excessive exposures to cold stuff, allergy to dust, bacterial or viral exposure are common causes of cough. It is usually associated with cold, rhinitis {an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose; usually associated with nasal discharge).

It also may be present as a co-symptom with some of the major disorders like tuberculosis, HIV etc. Hence, it is important to understand the significance of cough and its solution.

Natural Treatment For Cough

In Ayurveda, best natural ways are mentioned to lessen congestion from upper respiratory tract with simple treatments. The most beneficial method is called as ‘swedana’- steaming. Here, this steaming is not ordinary one. Here use of many herbal ingredients is done along with particular method.

How To Do It?

Patient is made to sit in a comfortable position. The room where this is carried out should be devoid of air; as much as possible. Then, patient’s chest and throat part are smeared with medicated oil.

For example, sesame oil, castor oil or eucalyptus oil processed with herbs like tulsi, yashtimadhu, vasa, etc. this oil is made Luke warm and then smeared locally. Then large leaves of Castor plant are placed on the chest of the patient.

Natural Treatments For Cough

Simultaneously in a pressure cooker water, along with same herbs it’s heated to boiling point and steam is prepared out of it. A rubber tube is connected from nozzle of the cooker and the other end is left free for steam to flow. That steam is given to patient around his/her chest for 15-20 minutes. This can be continued for 2-3 days; in case of severe cough and congestion.

Scientific Facts About Steaming

Due to cold and congestion of mucous membrane; there is cough persisting. With heat and active ingredients of herbs the congestion is removed immediately, leading to spontaneous relief to patient. Thus, in any acute case of cough; this will give faster result than any other medicine.

Tips and Cautions

Temperature of the steam should be regulated. Patient should be given proper privacy. Patient should avoid all kind of cold exposure. Water used for any purpose by patient should be hot.

Natural Treatments For Cough

Along with this treatment patient is supposed to be given some oral medication to support the effect of the treatment. Vasa-avaleha, kantakari- avaleha, sitopaladi choorna, dashamoolarishta etc. are few examples.

Bouts of cough should be sent to laboratory for further examination of any specific disease in suspicious cases. Diet for the patient should be light, hot, oil free and freshly prepared. Preferable diet as per Ayurveda is rice gruels.

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