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Natural Treatments For Constipation

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27 December, 2011

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Natural Treatments For ConstipationIt is said that food if ingested proper amount and caliber; it is like nectar, and if taken in inappropriately then there is no ambrosia in the world which can save you from the poisonous consequence of that same food…! Constipation is one among those evil upshots of food.

In Ayurveda; it is mentioned that the root engender for all diseases in human body is mostly because of constipation. Constipation creates a vicious circle of undigested food material.

When Ill-timed, unhygienic and heavy to digest kind of food is taken in incompatible quantity; leads to poor assimilation and constipation. This again chips in in reducing the digestive fire leading to indigestion and constipation. Thus, to avoid this malicious circuit; Ayurveda have arrant deliverance.

How To Bring It Around?

There is a set of interventions, herbal remedies, exercise subroutines and diet tips which can solve this problem completely. To cure this, we need to work from all the direction, because it can reoccur if we fall back to same indulgence into the causes.

Natural Treatments For Constipation

The very first line of treatment is colon cleansing with herbal laxative. Medication used is castor oil or trivrit (operculinaa teerpenthine) or isabgol or haritaki (terminalia chebula).

Natural Treatments For Constipation

These herbs with their amazing active principles creates bulk in the stool and removes it with added scavenging clean-up for colon without any side effect like water-mineral imbalance or weakness or diarrhea. Once the bowel is cleared then Ayurveda focuses upon digestion. This cleansing process takes just one day followed by proper Ayurveda diet.

Herbal Medications

If you don’t want the discourses for constipation; then with the help of some medicament also constipation can be treated. Ordinarily prescribed remedies are triphala powder, anuloma capsules, papaya fruit, milk with Castor oil etc. these remedies are easily available and cure constipation within three doses.



Pranayama like ujjai, nadi-shodhak, sheetali and bhastrika can help in relieving constipation as they provide pressure on abdomen and clear the nadis.

Apart from tem yogas like pavan muktasana, halasana, chakrasana, vajrasana, supta vajrasana, matsyasana and dhanurasana can relieve constipation. These should be inculcated in daily routine.

Diet Tips

Water plays an indispensable role in developing as well as assuaging constipation. For a normal adult weighing 78-80 kilos must have approximately 3-3.5 liter of water to avoid constipation.


Diet should be hot, light and sufficient enough for normal bowel movements. Diet without enough fibers hampers the movement of food and leads to constipation or colitis. Therefore serials, fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk is must in diet to avoid constipation.

Tips and Caveats

All the cleansing processes should be done under supervision of a Ayurveda doctor or nurse. After cleansing the food is rice water and boiled rice with salt for one day and then patient can go for normal food.

Sleep pattern should be regular to get daily motions in morning at expected time. One should make sure that they pass at least twice in a day. With these entire simpleton appraises one can permanently obviate constipation from their life.

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