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Natural Treatment For Diaper Rash

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11 November, 2011

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Natural Treatment For Diaper RashDiaper rash is a kind of inflammation of skin often caused to babies due to exposure to urine and feces. It is quite a common condition among babies that makes baby’s skin sore, tender and red. The most common causes of the rash include soiled diapers that irritate the skin when left on for long periods, friction from the diaper, baby wipes and also certain brands of soap, and detergent that are not suitable for baby’s sensitive skin.

The plastic that are used in diapers to prevent leakage obstructs air circulation, which in turn creates a warm and moist environment and invites rashes and fungi to thrive. An allergy from antibiotic or some other medicines can also cause diaper rash.

Sometimes, when new food is introduced to the baby, it results in frequent feces, which also leads to diaper rash in babies. Diarrhea can worsen the diaper rash condition. It is also called irritant dermatitis. They usually occur on thighs and buttocks and folds.

Diaper rash that lasts long, even after frequent change of wet diapers timely, can be due to yeast infection called Candida albicans (a type of fungus). This is a kind of rash that results in slightly raised red dots with small red dots spreading beyond the original spot. It can be found on the creases of babies front and back part of the skin. This often results from the antibiotic prescribed to baby or breastfeeding mother.

Ways To Prevent Diaper Rash

For preventing diaper rash, you need to keep your baby’s skin clean and dry as much as possible. Change the soiled diaper immediately to avoid contact of feces and urine that irritates baby’s sensitive skin and clean diaper area thoroughly. Use warm water to wash the area after bowel. Running water will be best for cleaning thoroughly.

Treatment For Diaper Rash

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Don’t put another diaper immediately. Let your baby’s skin dry completely, pat the baby’s skin with a soft cloth to dry instead of rubbing. Tight fitting diapers can cause irritation, put diaper loosely. Cloth diaper must be rinsed thoroughly to remove the traces of soap or detergent while washing and no whiteners or softeners should be used later to avoid irritation from the chemicals used in them.

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Instead, you can dip them in few drops of antiseptic lotion after last rinse. Occasionally allow your baby’s skin to breathe and dry by letting her go without diaper. Place her on a towel or baby sheet without diaper from time to time. If your baby gets diaper rashes frequently, you can use preventive barrier cream or ointment while changing her diaper every time. If your baby is sensitive to baby wipes, use moist cotton dipped in warm water to clean him / her.

Home Treatment For Diaper Rash

Keep baby’s bottom clean and dry. Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or Cream, ointment or gel containing zinc oxide  that are rash free every time you change baby’s diaper for forming a water proof layer, and soothing and protecting the skin from moisture.

Make a paste by mixing Vaseline with a spoonful of corn starch. Apply this paste on the rash. It is a very effective remedy for diaper rash. Applying vegetable oil on diaper rash also heals it quickly.

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