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Natural Treatment For Anxiety

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23 August, 2011

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Natural Treatment For AnxietyYou lead a very stressful life and are in an unvarying state of worry. At times you feel so fidgety that you feel that you have an immovable weight on your head. You try desperately to shake it off, but keep on failing into an abyss. Then it hits you (an uncontrollable panic attack) from nowhere.

You feel as if you are going to die and seek frantically towards a helping hand which at that particular moment is non-existent.

Anxiety Causes

These are classic symptoms of anxiety or anxiety disorders. The levels anxiety increase daily when you worry about finances, souring relationships, politics in office and health issues. If you are a worrywart, then trivial issues like a broken window or simple chores will also affect you.

This constant state of being bothered all the time reflects directly on your mindset, health and performance and so much so you tend to become anti social preferring to be a wall paper during social gatherings.

Behavior During Anxiety

During periods of anxiousness you will tend to sweat a lot, become nauseous, feel cold with palms sweating continuously, have difficulty swallowing and also suffer from bouts of diarrhea. In extreme cases you may feel as if you are falling off the edge of a cliff and become very scared as if you are going to have a heart attack. This is nothing but a panic attack.

Preventing Anxiety

The Natural Way Most of the time, anxiety can be controlled by disciplining one’s lifestyle which includes diet, exercise and meditation. As anxiety can cause occasional mood swings, it is important to calm oneself down by literally speaking inwardly, motivating oneself to cheer up.

A brisk purposeful walk can work wonders for the mind. A half hour exercise on the treadmill or simply attending to pending chores is great therapy. A sense of achievement, no matter how trivial the work at hand is, a successful completion can give you immense satisfaction.

Remember you are not the only person in the world who has anxiety disorder. There are countless more like you. Join a good Yoga class and speak to the instructor and explain your situation. A good Yoga instructor will guide you and recommend the right asanas and exercising these asanas regularly will dramatically help reduce your anxiety levels dramatically.

Alcohol beverages should be avoided at all costs. Alcohol in no way calms the nerves and will only add to your problems. Avoid caffeinated drinks as these will only add to your worries by disrupting your sleep pattern.  Drink green tea or mint flavored tea. Green tea has amino acids which battles anxiety and helps and is good for the stomach.

Avoid eating fatty and spicy foods as well. Slow breathing exercises also help in calming you down, however avoid aggressive breathing from the diaphragm, instead try and breathe from the abdomen. There are a lot of herbs like, passion flower; Kava and Valerian which also help reduce anxiety levels.

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