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Natural Remedies For Fibromyalgia

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23 August, 2011

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Fibromyalgia is well known as a syndrome affecting the muscles of some delicate portions of the human body like the spinal cord, neck, hips, shoulders, etc. This very name of the syndrome, i.e. Fibromyalgia owes its origin to three words of Latin originality namely, “fibro” meaning fibrous tissue, “my” meaning tissue of muscle and “algia” meaning pain.

The symptoms of this ailment vary from one person to another and hence it is referred to as a syndrome and not exactly any disease. Fibromyalgia, which is reported to affect an average of 5 million people of America, women being affected more than men, is considered to occur as a disorder which may be hereditary. Also, a certain virus or some injury to the CNS (central nervous system) of the body may cater to its causes.

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

Pain, specially chronic, is an acute symptom fibromyalgia. There can be continuous pain in different delicate points in the body that may continue for almost 4 months or sometimes even more and you may keep wanting for any valid reason of such ailment.

That apart, feeling of anxious mentality, depressed mood, tiredness and weakness, cases of interrupted sleep, stiff muscles in joints or other body parts, severe pains, pain in jaw, aching head, feeling paralyzed in some body parts, etc. are often characterized as other acute symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

Some Treatments In Natural Ways

Though there are medical treatments available for curbing fibromyalgia, going for natural treatments is always appreciated and even it can help your body get tuned to work without much impact of conventional medicines. To make it a routine for going for a good and suitable diet comes as the prime priority.

Foods rich in saturated fats, high-fat dairy substances, lean meat, shellfish, fried foods, white bread, etc. should obviously be cut down from your diet. Also, you should essentially avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible and even cut down on caffeine.

Instead of these, insert in your diet chart green vegetables in abundance, nuts rich in protein, seeds, fresh fruits, fruit juices, whole grains, skinless chicken and fishes of deep underwater. Toxins, if drained out of body, will cause your body get relief from fibromyalgia. Hence, you must drink minimum 7 to 8 glasses of water which should be distilled in steam.

Instead of  having two or three heavy meals a day, eat less and eat often, for four or five times a day which will let your body be supplied with a standard intake of carbohydrates and also proteins that would do well functioning of your muscles. It is also recommended to add vitamins like A, B-complex, C in your diet, which act as antioxidants.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise, which is always important for almost all types of pains and aches in body, must be practiced regularly. Fibromyalgia patients are suggested to do moderate exercises like light yoga, morning walks on regular basis, mild aerobics, stretching, etc. This will improve blood circulation thereby helping to remove stiffness of muscles.

To get relief from irritated sleep problems, patients can also have some herbal tea in breakfast on daily basis. Another natural remedy can be hydrotherapy. If a person is okay to provide oneself with a bathtub of sufficient and ample space and a shower, then the person can go for this therapy.

Just fill up the bathtub with hot water, not too hot, and get completely immersed in it and be completely relaxed. This will relax the muscles thereby leading to reduction in pains in muscle and joints.

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