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Natural Home Remedies For Flu

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17 September, 2011

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Flu is a very common ailment that is accompanied with the symptoms of cold, cough and fever. While over the counter medications are available for treating cold and flu, natural flu remedies are the best way of treating the symptoms of the condition. Natural flu remedies are safe and have no side effect that can harm your system.

Natural remedies for treatment of flu can be used in two ways, either by allowing the body to work on its own defense mechanism or by taking home based natural products for relief from the symptoms.

The Body’s Natural Defense Mechanism

While over the counter drugs will cure just the symptoms of the condition, the actual cause or infection gets cured only when the body strengthens its immune system.

Rest A Lot

One of the best cures of cold and flu is to rest as much as possible. Resting helps the body’s defense mechanism to focus on eliminating the infection. Moreover, resting helps to store energy, that is used in delimiting the causes of flu.

Drink Lots Of Water And Hot Liquids

Liquids help to keep the body hydrated during cold and flu. Because of nasal flow, the body looses essential water concentration from the system. Hot liquid helps to rehydrate the body as well as calms a sore throat and decongests nasal blockage.


Use lukewarm salt water to moisten the inflated cells of the throat. It provides temporary relief from irritation and helps to reduce nasal congestion.

Take Steam Baths

Inhale the steam from boiled water. Steam helps to soften congestion, helping in eliminating blockage of the nose.

Prevent Spread Of The Infection

Common cold and flu are infectious. One of the best ways of containing the symptoms of the flu is by keeping yourself isolated for a few days. Secondly, keep the surroundings clean and use disposable tissue papers every time you blow your nose.

Home Based Natural Remedies For Flu

There are some simple natural ingredients that can be used to treat the symptoms of flu.

Echinacea And Goldenseal

A combination of the extracts of Echinacea and Goldenseal enhances the immune system of the body. This combination is considered to be the most effective of flu remedies. Goldenseal reduces inflammation of the mucous membranes that line our nose and throat.

Herbal Tea

The importance of any form of hot liquid in relief from symptoms of flu has been discussed in the above section. Herbal tea made up of naturally occurring decongestants like peppermint, elderflowers and hyssops can be used.


Garlic cloves are recommended for severe conditions of flu. A single garlic clove taken for five continuous days reduces the symptoms of congestion, chill and headache.


Ginger has anti viral properties that help to soften the mucus and decongest the blocked nose. Use of ginger also prevents deposition of mucous on the lungs that might lead to severe conditions of pneumonia.


Elderberry extracts have anti viral properties and prevents the infection from progressing into the respiratory tract. It provides relief from symptoms of flu like fever, body ache and congestion.

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