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Natural Cure For Weight Loss

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14 December, 2011

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Are you worried because of your increasing weight? Are you tensed thinking of your figure in next five years?  Are you terrified with devastating life style diseases pervading all around you?

Well, then you consider yourself lucky that at least you are conscious enough to think about your health.

Natural Cure For Weight Loss

Thinking about your health and well being is not wrong but at the same time you should also consider the fact that now is the time to act and do something about reducing your weight. Here is the best natural cure for obesity with the blend of modern science as well as Ayurveda. 5% of Indian population is suffering from morbid obesity.

In ancient texts of Ayurveda (Charaka Samhita) considers eight body structures as unacceptable for healthy living; one among them is obesity. There is a bunch of rescue mentioned in charaka Samhita; one of them is called as ‘Udvartana’ (the powder massage). Yes, here the word meaning of the Sanskrit term Udvartana is ‘massage in the opposite direction of the hair roots’.

Natural Cure For Weight Loss

The Procedure in Detail

This treatment consists of massage to the whole body with the dry course powder of herbal drugs like Amalaki (gooseberry), haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan), vibhitaki (belleric myrobalan), kulattha, vacha (Acorus calamus) Haridra (turmeric). Here the patient’s BMI is recorded prior to the beginning of the treatment.

The distinguishing feature of this treatment is that the massage strokes are carried out in opposite direction of the hair roots; that means from downwards to upwards. The pressure carried out during the massage is high than the usual massage.

Natural Cure For Weight Loss

The whole process is of 45 minutes followed by hot water bath, and it should be carried out daily once. For favorable result; minimum one week is required. The duration of the treatment can be increased depending on patient’s weight and requirement.

Some Scientific Facts About Udvartana

This procedure is repeatedly mentioned in our good-old Ayurveda texts. In today’s era also it is highly practiced in all Ayurveda hospitals. Due to massage towards opposite direction the active principles of the drugs enters into minute pores of skin and acts of the superficial lipid layer.

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Many researches have been done on the procedure as well as the herbs used in this process and it is proving that all the drugs are having significant action on lipid molecules of the body. This process burns excess fat and removes it through stools; that is why during this treatment patient have good motions in the morning.

Natural Cure For Weight Loss

Tips and Cautions

It is mandatory to carry out this treatment under monitoring of professional. Patient should be on empty stomach before the treatment and after he should have hot light food.

After Udvartana the bath should not be taken with soap. Before starting the massage the powder should be heated slightly and mild smearing of oil should be done. The proportion of the powder is approximately 1.5 kg per person.

The same powder can be used for the rest of the week for the same patient. This treatment removes excess fat and reduces weight; of course after this treatment one should be careful about diet and exercises.

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