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Natural Cure For Headache

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24 August, 2011

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Headache is one of the most frequent health problems that are faced by an individual in his normal day to day life. There are many reasons that contribute towards its occurrence.The most common of all is the stress and tension faced in the workplace.

Other governing factors include emotional anxiety,improper sleep, changes in the weather, allergic side effects to certain food varieties, pollution, sitting in front of the television or working in computer for long hours and dehydration.

As there are a number of causes associated with its occurrence, therefore,it is very difficult to trace out the exact treatment for the same.  There are quite a number of over-the-counter analgesics that are effective in treating the problem.

But the best possible way is to go for natural cure of headache. This is because natural treatments are safe and gives rise to no side effects in the respective individual.

Physical Exercises:

For migraine and sinus patients, exercise is supposed to be possible the best way to alleviate the pain in the head. Physical exercises are very beneficial for the people suffering from it. Exercises help in the natural synthesis of painkiller inside the body.

These painkillers are termed as endorphins. Endorphins work excellently in curing such pains by natural mechanism pathways in the body. The exercises that are to be practiced must be undertaken only after consulting your concerned physician. Whenever you experience the trouble, it is suggested to go for a brisk outdoor walk to breathe in the fresh air.

Taking in the fresh air is a natural cure for your headache. Another important exercise is meditation. It is one of the most effective mental exercises that boosts up the activity of brain and lowers down probable chances of experiencing the irritating pain in the head.

Headache Associated With Food Habits:

There are many foods that have the potency to trigger this health condition. A headache that is induced by consumption of certain specific foods may start within 3 to 12 hours of consumption. One must avoid foods containing noticeable amounts of sulfites and nitrites in its composition.

The main reason behind it is that these compounds dilute certain capillary walls that are located in the brain which consequently results in an increased flow rate of blood through it.

It is because of this increased flow that one experiences mild pain in the head upon consumption of some allergic food items. Drinking green tea or black coffee is a natural cure for treating the debilitating pain in the head.

Herbal Massage and Aromatherapy:

Certain herbs prove to be excellent in acting as a natural cure for headache. Some of them are feverfew, gold seal, ginko biloba, aswagandha and many more. The extract of these botanical herbs must be consumed orally for quick action. Aromatherapy is supposed to be the best way for curing the health condition.

Essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, rosemary, eucalyptus and many more are utilized in formulating massage oils for aromatherapy that can be easily practiced in home.

Massage with warm oil is a natural cure to get relief from pain requiring a minimum span of time. Other than oil massage and aromatherapy, hot or cold pack is also a natural cure which is quite beneficial in alleviating headache.

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