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Natural Cure For Flu

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23 August, 2011

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Natural Cure For FluFlu is the most common term to influenza and a virus leads to this flu by causing infection of the upper portion of the respiratory tract. Mainly, medical science is acquainted with two varieties of flu or influenza, which are type A influenza and type B influenza.

There are almost 200 different types of viruses which can cause flu. There are vaccines available to fight flu but as mentioned that there are so many viruses which can actively lead to flu and these viruses are undergoing mutation on a constant term, so  day by day it is becoming more and more hard to gain success in curbing down these viruses.

Symptoms of Flu

A person when catches cold has those symptoms which are similar to those of flu. Ache in different parts of the body combined with irritation caused in throat by constant coughing, hot sweat alternated by cold sweat, tiredness, aching head, vomiting tendency, pain in throat, difficulty in drinking water or eating foods which have to pass through the food pipe in the body, fever, etc.

These symptoms can continue through a span of a whole week or sometimes may be more and even when all other symptoms have gone away, still the cough can continue longer. Flu has its arms stretched in affecting people and medical science is still unable in finding out exact and instant cure to this disease and people often go for the home-made treatments which are varied and can even give relief from the flu though it may take considerable time.

Some Remedies in Natural Way

Flu shot is a vaccine which is used when affected by flu, but it does not have that much long term effect so as to be used as a much reliable relief. Also, being made from embryos of chicken, it might cause allergies to many people who cannot stand eggs. Hence, natural remedies come to a lot of help in this case. To avoid catching cold, our immune system must be given an impetus by consumption or intake of Vitamin C in ample amount. You may also have lozenges which contain Zinc, because Zinc also energizes up the body’s immune system.

For bringing a cease or decrement in the growth of the virus, garlic capsules can be in taken. Also, you can have a mixture of 1 tablespoon honey in warm lemon water as the first thing in the morning just after you have brushed up your teeth, because it is an excellent remedy for pain in throat caused by constant coughing. Gargling is, in another way, helpful in reducing cough and relieving throat pain. Gargling, if done for 3 to 4 times a day, will not let mucus to thicken. You should try and blow you nose in frequent intervals and also in the correct manner, rather than sniffing back the mucus towards your head. Be clean by washing hands immediately after clearing your nose.

It is also recommended to have proper rest which will help your body regain some energy. You should better go for steamy bath rather than bathing in cold water during the time you have caught cold and drink warm milk or water whenever desired.

Some Homeopathic Cure

Some homeopathic medicine can be taken, if required. Bryonia for treating cough causing pain in chest, thirsty feeling, etc., arsenica album, gesemium for getting some relief if you are having fever, pains, not feeling thirsty, etc.
With all the afore-stated natural treatments, you can feel better while you have got flu.

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