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Natural Cure For Diabetes

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22 December, 2011

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Diabetes’, the burning problem in our country; is growing on an alarming rate. It has been estimated that every fourth person in India is diabetic. Even though being a non-communicable disease, it is spreading all over the world as fast as a communicable disease or an epidemic virus.

It is called as ‘rich man’s disease’, as rich people usually follow sedentary life style and high calorie food. It is also hereditary. In this article you will find complete information about natural cure and management for diabetes from our ancient health science Ayurveda.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms?

Today’s food habits and standards of living contribute towards the disease. Lack of exercises, strenuous work, junk foods, working and staying in A/C environment and not much of physical activities along with heavy food rich in sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and non-veg are the main contributing factors.

How To Cure For Diabetes Naturally

Outstanding symptom is excessive micturition during day as well as night time. Excessive hunger and thirst, etc. are other features of diabetes.

What Ayurveda Has To Say?

Ayurveda mentioned various types of diabetes, depending upon body constitutions. Where modern treatment fails to cure or manage diabetes; Ayurveda claims to have many effective treatments, remedies, exercises and diet plans for a diabetic patient.

As a matter of fact nowadays, many people approach an Ayurveda doctor with hopes to cure type 1 and 2 diabetes naturally after having been suffered from insulin shots and medicines with tons of side effects.

What Is The Cure?

There are three fold cures in Ayurveda. Diet, exercises and herbal remedies. Being a metabolic disorder diet plays an important role. Newly developed diabetes can be managed with medicines and regular exercises.

Natural Cure For Diabetes


Barley, green gram, horse gram, soya bean and ragi should be used for daily food. The high fiber content of them slows down carbs digestion and improves glycemic contents, thereby helping in preventing complications like hypertension and heart problems.



Well, in Ayurveda, certain yogas are helpful in diabetes. For example, Surya namaskar (set of 12 postures, prying sun god), bhujangasana (the snake pose), chakrasana (circular pose), pranayama (breathing techniques) are some exercises which target pancreatic cells to simulate insulin secretion.

Apart from these, some other yogasanas like sarvangasana (the posture benefiting all organs); mayurasana (the peacock poses) can be helpful for diabetic patients.


Ayurveda claims body cleansing for the people who are obese and having diabetes. That includes induced purgation with herbal drugs and induced vomiting with Ayurveda’s herbal remedies. After that one can be given remedies for diabetes.

Here are some of them, nisha- amalaki, its main ingredients is turmeric and gooseberry processed in herbal decoctions. Asanadi group of herbs- decoction of these herbs helps in cure of newly started diabetes. Cow’s urine and its various formulations also help in diabetes management.


Some Tips And Facts

Juvenile diabetes and diabetes; which run down in the family tree are difficult to cure, but can be managed with above mentioned procedures. With the help of proper diagnosis, management and counseling this disease can be handled very easily.

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