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Natural Cure For Depression

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26 December, 2011

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How To Treat DepressionIn India suicide rate is increasing like anything, the main reason among many is depression. Nowadays, the life style has changed so much that even a small five year baby also has tension of exams!!

Yes, this cockroaches of stress, tension and depression are eating up our country; specially the young generation. The strength of any society or country is in its youth, but due to depression, incidents of people committing suicide in age of 20-22 are seen almost daily in news.

The basic freedom and happiness of people in India are devastated because of unemployment, excessive responsibilities, and many such reasons. Hence, this burning issue must be resolved and eradicated from our country as soon as possible with some collective effort from each and every possible direction.

Natural Cure For Depression

Depression is a psycho-somatic condition. Hence, it has to be counter attacked from both the interventions. In Ayurveda, the cause for all mental disorders is described as lack of intellect, patience and decision power of an individual due to blockage and covering of the channels and the path of intellect in mind. Hence, the cure is to remove the entire blockage and covers which entrap the mind of an individual.


In Ayurveda, our sages have mentioned the perfect counseling methods for such patients. Spiritual guidance like knowledge about self and finding the root cause for their troubles which lead them to such a state.

Their problem should be shared with their relatives and the doctor and they should be heard out completely. Then guidance should be given with the blend of spirituality and herbal remedies and treatments mentioned in Ayurveda.

Pranayama and Yogas

No matter whatever may be the cause of their misery, first rescue is controlling their mind with specific pranayama like bhastrika, nadi shodhaka, sheetali, Ujjain, etc., along with that we can teach them some of the yoga with concentration to their mind and mental health like, soorya namaskara, sarvangasana, shavasana etc. with these two things introduced in their daily routine, we can have a kick-start for any other treatments or medicines.

Pranayama and Yogas

Ayurveda Treatments For Depression

There is a set of four local treatments on head part for depression. They are called as ‘moordhni taila’. First is shiro abhyanga – oil massage with herbal medicated oils, second is shiro pichu – keeping the cotton dipped in same oils over head of the patients.

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Third is shiro basti – a specific quantity of oil is held with the help of circular walling made up with plastic or leather around the head. Fourth is shiro dhara – pouring lukewarm oil over the head continuously for stipulated period of time.

Herbal Remedies

Some of the medications are to be advised to the patient; alongside of the treatments. Some of them are most of them are lipid based, so that they cross the blood brain barrier and attach with the lipid receptors in the selective absorption process.


Brahmi ghrita, yashthimadhu ghrita, manas mitra tablets, etc. medicines can be prescribed with proper consultation of the Ayurveda practitioners.

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