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Natural Cure For Back Pain

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16 December, 2011

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Mankind has this unique ability to survive in all kind of situations and altered circumstances around them. Man has always struggled for longevity and good health, but due to modern day lifestyle and food habits and varied professions people are suffering from new varieties of diseases nowadays. Back pain is one among them.

Back pain is a condition where center of pain is usually lower back and pain is usually radiating to lower limbs alongside the course of nerve.

Natural Cure For Back Pain

Natural Cure For Back Pain

What Are The Causes?

Any type of injury to the vertebral column or disc prolapsed/protrusion due to traumas, occupational hazards etc. may cause irritation and pressure on any regional nerve leading to shooting type of pain; also bones, tumors, etc. also causes additional irritation to the nerve leading to back pain. The patient feels severe pain and finds very difficult to carryout daily activities.

Here Is What Ayurveda Says

GRIDHRASI (the disease where person walks like a vulture due to back pain) in Ayurveda is categorized under VATA VYADHI , that is -disease caused due to VATA which is one among the basic 3 humors of the body.

Natural Cure For Back Pain

Management in Ayurveda

The main intervention in Ayurveda is called as ‘Kati basti’. This treatment is the combination of Ayurveda’s principles; which were mentioned in ancient texts of sages named ‘Charaka’, ‘Susruta’, and ‘Vagbhata’. Here hot medicated oil is kept in the contact with the lumbar spine for stipulated period of time.

The Procedure In Detail

First of all the patient is made to lie down on his stomach. Patient’s back is wiped clean and dry. Later black gram flour is made into dough and given a shape of a well, having circular boundaries. Using the same dough as adhesive paste, fix the circular dough on the affected area of the back.

The oil which is used for this process is sesame based; medicated with many Ayurveda’s herbs. During part preparation the oil is heated up to a tolerable temperature.

Natural Cure For Back Pain

Then dipping the piece of sponge in the oil; it is soaked and then poured into the well which is fixed to patient’s back. It is half filled with hot oil and kept for absorption for around five minutes and then as the temperature falls down, the oil is replaced with the hot oil. Same thing is repeated for 45 minutes. Later patient is asked to take bath with hot water. This process daily for 7 days gives fabulous results.

Scientific Facts About Kati Basti

The fat and liquid medium helps in quick absorption of the oil in the spine. The lack of lubrication or damage of the bones and muscles is rejuvenated by this process. The longer contact period of oil with back and the temperature easily relieves pain and smooths the muscles thus the spasm is removed.

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Tips And Cautions

This is not advisable for children. The maintenance of temperature should be very keen otherwise it may burn the skin. Patient should be on empty stomach before treatment and should have light food after. Patient should take complete bed rest and should be on very mild and easily digestible diet.

Thus through such treatments this disease can be managed in Ayurveda quite efficiently; although proper diagnosis and careful evaluation of the patient condition and disease should be done with proper history and investigations.

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