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Motion Sickness Remedies For Travelers

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22 March, 2012

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Ready to set off for your vacations but fear about travel sickness? Don’t worry. There are simple ways that you can use to prevent motion sickness and enjoy traveling.

What Is Motion or Travel Sickness?

Motion or travel sickness is a very common complaint and it is likely to affect one in every three people traveling. It is essentially a disturbance or interruption in functioning of the middle ear which further causes loss of equilibrium and sense of balance.

The moment brain senses motion, it sends information to three different pathways that are the ears, the eyes and the deeper tissues in body. When we run, walk or perform some other movements, our brain and body are able to coordinate with the movement.

Motion Sickness

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However, when we are in a plane, a car or a boat, it becomes difficult for the body to maintain balance between all the three pathways. This is why some of us experience motion sickness when we are traveling. Symptoms of motion sickness include vomiting, nausea, dizziness and sweating.

Preventing Motion Sickness

It is possible to prevent motion sickness with the help of medication, home remedies, air ventilation and distraction. With help of some precautions, you can prevent motion sickness from affecting you. Before traveling, eat an easy to digest and light meal.

Make sure that you are sitting in a well-ventilated environment and in the direction of travel. Whether you’re traveling by a car, a bus or a train, tried to sit in the forward section. However if you’re traveling in a boat, sit in the middle, preferably on the deck.

Preventing Motion Sickness

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You may also use distraction methods such as listening to music while you’re traveling. You may also try keeping your eyes on the horizon. Avoid reading while traveling in a bus or car. Another good idea is sleeping as much as possible while you’re traveling. Another remedy that works is using acupressure bands on the wrist.

Treating Motion Sickness

Motion sickness treatments include use of medications, antihistamines and taking minerals and vitamins supplements. Treating motion or travel sickness with medications becomes important when natural method are not enough to prevent or reduce the symptoms that are associated travel sickness.

Key medications that are used for treating motion sickness include promethazine, hyoscine, cinnarizine, tabacum, travella and cocculus Indicus. These medications contain antihistamine which may lead to drowsiness but is quite helpful in preventing occurrence of motion sickness symptoms.

Treating Motion Sickness

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Travella and cocculus Indicus are homeopathic medicines and therefore they are unlikely to have any side effects. Motion sickness symptoms can also be countered with help of dietary and nutrition supplements. It is important to avoid greasy, spicy and oily food.

In fact, you must avoid eating anything that can discomfort your stomach. Also try drinking as much water as possible and sipping clear soda to keep the stomach settled.

Peppermint, ginger and black horehound can also be quite helpful in keeping the symptoms of motion sickness at bay. You may either chew fresh ginger or get ginger chewing gum from nearby store. You may also try fresh lime instead of ginger.

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