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Most Effective Treatments For Ovarian Cysts

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11 October, 2011

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Treatments For Ovarian CystsOvarian cysts are tiny sacs filled with fluid which develop in the women’s ovaries. Most of the time, ovarian cysts are harmless, but in few cases it can lead to grave problems such as bleeding, rupturing, and pain. Sometimes, surgery is required to remove these cysts. Thus, it is important to know what function ovary performs and how cysts are formed to understand the best ways to treat them.

All women possess two ovaries which perform the function of storing and releasing eggs. The ovary produces a single egg every month, which starts off the monthly menstrual cycle of a woman. The egg starts growing in the ovary, and at the same time, the uterus lining starts thickening to prepare for the implantation of fertilized egg. When fertilization does not take place, the contents of the uterus are expelled, leading to menstrual period.

In the ultrasound image, the ovarian cysts look like little bubbles which contain fluids and are surrounded by a thin wall. Also called functional cyst, it is caused when the follicle doesn’t get ruptured to release the egg, and the fluid remains inside. These cysts usually affect any one of the ovaries.

When the process of follicle formation occurs, occurrence of small cysts is quite common. Though most of the cysts in the ovaries are harmful, but some can are an indication of an impending threat to the health of woman. Therefore, the treatment of ovarian cysts varies according to one’s individual circumstances.

Herbal Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

A large number of women choose to treat ovarian cysts with natural and herbal remedies such as: Homeopathics, which includes the use of animal and plant extracts, Herbs, like blue cohosh, Antioxidant supplements, Special diets containing little / no red meat.

These herbal remedies are more effective in reducing the symptoms associated with the problem and to prevent the further growth of cysts; but they cannot cure ovarian cysts completely. Therefore, seeking medical care is the best way of treating this kind of cysts.

Treatments For Ovarian Cyst

Oral Contraceptives

Birth control pills or oral contraceptives contain progesterone and estrogen, which control the menstrual cycle of a woman. Taking oral contraceptives regularly and skipping the rest period between pills can stop the ovulation and hence, the woman’s period. Since cysts cannot form when the woman isn’t menstruating, taking contraceptive bills for skipping periods helps in preventing ovarian cysts. However, this method should be tried only under the expert supervision of a doctor.

Cystectomy Procedure

This procedure involves surgically removing all concerned cystic structures from the ovaries. This method is effective only in case of non-cancerous ovarian cysts. This method has also gained popularity since the ovaries are left unaffected, permitting childbearing in future.

Oophorectomy Procedure

Also called ovariotomy, this procedure is used for removing either one or both the ovaries from a woman’s body. The procedure is less invasive in comparison to a hysterectomy but is irreversible. So it should be used only as the last resort in case of cancerous ovarian cysts.

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