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Effective Herbal Remedies For Diabetes

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3 October, 2011

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Most Effective Diabetes Herbal RemediesDiabetes is an extremely serious medical condition which requires constant attention and care. It is characterized by the inability of the body cells to properly absorb the blood sugars and carbohydrates. A protein hormone, known as insulin, is required for moving these nutrients inside the cells.

However, the body of people suffering from diabetes either stops producing the insulin hormone, or fails to produce enough quantity required by the body, or the body cells cease to respond to it, even if it is present in large quantities.

Most of the people who suffer from diabetes below the age of 20 usually suffer from Type I diabetes, which is actually an auto-immune disorder where our body starts damaging our insulin making cells on their own. These kind of people need to take insulin daily and watch what they eat.

On the other hand, people diagnosed with diabetes after the age of 20 years usually suffer from Type II Diabetes in which the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells become desensitized to it. The usual treatments include oral medications for stimulating insulin production and weight reduction.

Regardless of the kind of diabetes you are suffering from, it is essential to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. This is because excessive amounts of sugar in the body can lead to damage of various organs, whereas lack of enough oxygen can lead to mental confusion and sometimes grave problems such as a person can go into coma, and even death.

A large number of herbal remedies are available that can help in improving the metabolism of blood sugar in our body.

Herbal Remedies For Diabetes

Fiber-Rich Foods

Consuming a fiber-rich diet helps in absorbing the excess sugars gradually, thus helping in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Most of the fruits and vegetables, when eaten raw, are rich in fiber content. Soluble fiber is the most effective in stabilizing the blood sugar levels, and can be found in abundant amounts in apples, berries, beets, apricots, citrus fruits, carrots, winter squash, parsnips, and many others.

Oats is another rich source of soluble fiber and can be found in the form of baked goods and cereals. Besides stabilizing blood sugar, soluble fibers can also be quite helpful in reducing LDL cholesterol levels, which is common in people suffering from diabetes.

Onions And Garlic

Consume onions and garlic in abundant amounts when suffering from diabetes as they help to lower the LDL cholesterol as well as raise HDL cholesterol level. Thus, they are helpful in preventing heart diseases as well.

This is also quite important as patients of diabetes are at a great risk of heart disorders as well as less amounts of insulin causes the fat to float in the bloodstream in a much higher amount that normal. Make sure to eat a diet filled with vegetables with moderate amounts of sweet fruits to get antioxidants like Vitamin C, flavanoids, and carotenes.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are also known to lower the level of blood sugar. Cactus juice that can often be found in the form of fresh produce in the markets can also be quite helpful.

Bilberry Leaves

The leaves of bilberry plant also helps in lowering blood sugar; however, avoid self-medicating yourself and take the help of nutritionally trained healthcare providers before using it.

Fig Tree Leaves

Fig tree leaves are another effective blood sugar lowering remedy. Make sure to consult your healthcare provider before using this remedy, especially if you are using oral hypoglycemic drugs or taking insulin.

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