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Most Common Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning

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12 March, 2012

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Mercury is an odorless, tasteless and colorless poisonous substance and over-exposure of this element can cause mercury poisoning. It is one of the deadliest substances on earth and can cause significant damage to any part of the body.

Mercury can accumulate in the brain and nervous system, kidney, liver, heart or endocrine glands. It can be very destructive to the immune system and its toxic burden can cause many serious diseases like heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety.

Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning

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Anyone can get exposed to mercury and suffer from mercury poisoning through a number of exposure methods. One can get exposed to mercury through their dental filling, eating too much fish and seafood that are exposed to mercury, through contact lens cleaning solutions, over the counter cosmetics and lotions, contraceptives, vaccines, air, soil, tap water, processed foods, antiseptics etc. Industrial exposure also poses a great threat of mercury poisoning.  Even breakage of thermometer can cause mercury poisoning.

Most Common Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury Toxicity Symptoms

Mercury can damage the immune system and can cause delay in treatment because of the absence of definite symptoms. So it is very important to identify the common symptoms that are related to mercury poisoning.

Neurological Symptoms

Mercury can accumulate in brain and nerve tissues very easily.  A person can suffer from short term memory loss, tremors, depression, hearing loss, Bell’s palsy, epilepsy, fits of anger, low self-esteem, inability to sleep, motor neuron disease, muscle twitching and headaches etc.

Dental Disorder and Oral Cavity Problem

Bleeding gums, loosening of teeth, loss of bone around teeth, inflammation of mouth, burning and tingling of face and lips, tongue and mouth sores, ulcerated and darkening of gums and abnormal pigmentation of gums are the possible symptoms of mercury poisoning. Ringing in ears, glaucoma, blurred vision, speech pathologies, dizziness and metallic taste in mouth are some of the symptoms of mercury poisoning in the neck and head area.

Digestive Problems and Food Allergies

Diarrhea, cramps, inflamed colon, poor digestion, chronic constipation, compromised liver function, gallbladder problem, leaky gut syndrome and food allergies particularly from eggs and dairy product can result from Hg burden in the digestive tract.

Circulatory Disorders and Cardio Vascular Problem

High or low blood pressure, weak pulse, elevated cholesterol, partial heart block, heart attack, heart and chest pains, angina are some of the problems that can be associated with mercury poisoning.

Circulatory Disorders

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Respiratory problems

Breathing problems, persistent cough and weakness are some of the respiratory problems that can be triggered due to mercury poisoning.

Skin Rashes

Excessive itching, psoriasis and other skin rashes, acne, extremely rough skin etc. can occur due to Hg poisoning.

Mercury poisoning in children can lead to certain developmental disorder and neurological disorders. These include Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s syndrome etc. They can show following symptoms:

Poor concentration
Decrease eye contact
Repeating some action again and again
Not responding to their name
Delayed speech
Poor memory
Difficulty in understanding and pronouncing words
Aggressive behavior
Sleep disorder
Mood swing
Night terror

In addition to these symptoms they can also suffer from certain auto-immune disorder like juvenile diabetes, decrease immunity, chronic ear infection and Asthma. Mercury poisoning is not always the cause of the above mentioned conditions but mercury toxicity can lead to some of these conditions.

So when any of these symptoms are noticed, it is necessary to check the presence of mercury poisoning because any amount of mercury is harmful for our body. A mercury removal process is required to get rid of this deadly poisoning metal.

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