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Methods Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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17 November, 2011

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Breast Cancer DiagnosisBeing the second most common cancer affecting women and going by the number of women who succumb to the disease, the diagnostic methods of breast cancer needs serious consideration. All women must be sensitised as to the importance of timely intervention and treatment of breast cancer.

Early stages of breast cancer can be almost completely cured without causing much damage to the breast tissue. After the age of 40, women are encouraged to undergo mammography tests in order to catch the tumour cells early and destroy them before they pose risk to your lives.

Diagnostic Methods For Breast Cancer

The correct diagnostic method will help the doctor analyse the extent of the cancer and create a virtual guide to follow during the treatment. Here are the possible diagnostic tools that can be used for identifying breast cancer.


Mammography uses low energy beams for detecting the presence of cancerous lumps in the breast tissue. Undergoing a mammography test every year is the best way to keep away from full blown breast cancer and catch any abnormalities early on. If the doctor suspects any abnormal changes, further tests will be suggested.

Ultrasound Scan

This type of scanning uses sound waves to detect breast tumours. Ultrasound scans help in detecting whether the breast tumour is a malignant or benign one like fibrocystic breast disease.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scans use radio and magnetic waves for detection of tumours in the breast. The image of the inside parts of the breast and the breast tissue will help in analysing the breast tissue closely for possible tumours.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Presence of malignant breast tumours can be easily identified with this procedure.

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Analysis Of Live Tissue

Biopsy is the final test undertaken for confirmation of breast cancer. Live tissues are removed from the breast and sent for testing. The tissues can be removed at the time of surgical removal of lump or through fine needle aspiration. A biopsy result will help in analysing the stage of breast cancer and also how aggressive it is. Treatment will be decided after careful analysis of the biopsy.

Other Tests

In order to determine the extent of the cancer and how far it has spread or metastasised in your body, more testing methods are adopted. This would include a possible biopsy of the lymph node for assessing lymph node spread, more MRI scans, X ray, PET scans, CT scans, scanning of the bone to check bone metastasis and blood tests.

Treatment Methods

The standard treatment method for breast cancer is surgery, chemo and radiation therapy along with hormone therapy. However, for patients who do not respond to such treatments, clinical trials are suggested. New advancements in medicine are tried in clinical trials and some patients do find some improvement with certain medications.

However, stage IV breast cancer prognosis is not very encouraging and most patients go on to lose their lives after days of endless suffering, pain and heartache. Breast cancer must be diagnosed on time to be able to treat it effectively. Remember to make your mammography appointments every year to stay hearty and healthy.

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