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Leg Joint Pain & Menopause

by:  in Category : Women's Health

5 September, 2011

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Menopause is a phase which is faced by all the women as they enter the old age. This condition brings along with it several problems like pain in several areas of the body, and joint problems. A woman often feels cramps in the legs as a result of hormonal changes that take place due to menopause.

There is a decline in the estrogen level during menopause, which poses several health related problems for the women, with leg joint pain being one of them. Loss of estrogen in the body results in loss of muscle mass and bone density.

This causes exerted pressure on the joints of legs, subsequently resulting in cramps and pain in legs. Also, the calcium absorption power of the women gets reduced which weakens the bones, hence causing aches and pains in the joints.

There are several remedies which can help to get rid of leg joint pain due to menopause. You may either opt for medical treatment or go for natural ways of dealing with the problem. It is believed that medicines and drugs can have a harmful impact on the overall health.

They can be more damaging than doing something good. In the long run, the pain relievers would weaken the bones and aggravate the pain. So, opting for natural remedies to deal with the problem of leg joint pain due to menopause is the best solution.

Ways To Get Rid Of Leg Joint Pain

Natural Supplements

Intake of supplements containing vitamins B6 and B12, calcium, and magnesium can prove to be of significant assistance in relieving joint pain. The health of joints can also be improved with the help of intake of supplements enriched with omega 3 fatty acids.

Massage Of The Joints

Massaging the affected joint area with any oil like olive oil or almond oil would be of extreme aid in strengthening the joints and getting rid of the pain.

A Healthy Diet

Women in old age should take care of their diet in a proper way. A healthy and nutritious diet would go a long way in improving the endurance and health of leg joints, hence improving their flexibility, movement, and strength. Calcium rich foods and drinks should be an important part of the diet program, so as to strengthen the bones of the joints.

Milk is one of the main sources of calcium and should be consumed daily to get rid of leg joint pain. Other healthy foods which should be included in the diet of old women should consist of green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, nuts, and soybean.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise would be of tremendous aid in providing relief from leg joint pain. It is suggested to carry out mild exercises on daily basis, so that joints remain in good health. Movement of the joints is very important, so that their strength is maintained.

However, the exercises should not be too rigorous. Rigorous exercises can put extra pressure on the joints which would aggravate the problem. Brisk walking is a very good form of mild exercise which is safe for older women who have entered or are entering the menopause stage.

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