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Learn About The Different Causes Of Edema

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21 March, 2012

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Are you looking for an answer to the question “what causes edema?”. There are many causes behind this health condition. Before we discuss about the causes of edema, let us first understand what edema is.

Edema, formerly called as hydropsy or dropsy, is a condition associated with excessive build-up of fluid in the human body. This excessive accumulation of fluid inside the body results in swelling. The problem can occur in any area of the body viz. arms, legs, feet, ankles and hands.

Causes Of Edema

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It is very rare for edema to occur suddenly. Usually the problem develops over a period of time. An individual may have puffy eyes upon waking up in the morning as a symptom of edema. Weight gain may also be one of the symptoms of edema.

Among various types of edema, eye edema, cerebral edema and peripheral edema are the most common ones. Eye edema basically occurs near the eyes. Cerebral edema occurs in and near the brain. Peripheral edema is associated with swelling of ankles, feet, hands, arms and legs. There are various factors which cause edema. Let us here discuss about them.

Learn About The Different Causes Of Edema

Physical Inactivity

The problem of edema is very common among people who are not much involved in physical activities. Also sitting or standing in a particular position for a long time can give rise to the problem of edema.

High Altitudes

Cerebral edema can occur to high altitude, which is more severe when it occurs along with lot of physical exertion.


Edema can also occur due to a surgery. It is very common for swelling to occur after a surgical process.


In extremely hot temperatures, the human body is not much capable of getting rid of excessive fluid from the tissues, mainly near the ankles, consequently giving rise to the problem of edema.


There are hormonal fluctuations in women during menopause, which may cause edema.


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Localized swelling may occur due to burning of the skin.

Excessive Intake of Salt

Another cause of edema is excessive consumption of salt in the diet. People who are more inclined towards high sodium diet are likely to suffer from edema than those who focus on the intake of less sodium in the regular diet.


Pregnancy is one of the major causes of edema. The release of certain hormones during pregnancy results in accumulation of fluid, thus causing swelling. The hands, legs and feet of the women are more likely to suffer from edema during pregnancy phase.

Improper Diet

Following an unhealthy diet plan leads to malnutrition, which causes edema. It is vital for an individual to feed the body with all the required minerals and vitamins, so that overall health remains in good condition.

Improper Diet

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Apart from the various causes of edema, as discussed above, there are a few diseases which can result in edema. Heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, brain tumor, arthritis and thyroid disease are the most common diseases which might give rise to the problem of edema.

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