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Knock Down That Bothering Back Pain With Simple Home Remedies

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25 July, 2011

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treat Back Pain With Simple Home RemediesAlthough reasons for back pain vary from individual to individual but most of us suffer from this problem eventually. It sounds pretty shocking but 8 out of every 10 Americans suffer with the daunting problem of back pain. Doesn’t it make sense to make attempts to make it to those 20 percent people who do not experience bothering back pains?

There are a number of contributing factors that can lead to back pain but it significantly varies from person to person. Age is a major contributing factor as it affects muscle elasticity as well as bone strength. Other factors that contribute to back pain include sudden movements, picking up or moving heavy objects in incorrect manner and weak core musculature.

The pain in the back is generally a result of compression or strain on a disk which further creates pressure on nerve roots that pave its way through the spine. Whatever be the reason behind your back pain, the good news is, you can use various remedies to lessen or prevent most of the back pain episodes.

In case it’s too late to start with the prevention mode, use simple home treatments and allow body mechanics to ease your back within a few weeks or days so that it keeps functioning normally for a long time.

Home Remedies For Back Pain

Although the pain is something most of us either experience as we age, natural remedies can help in alleviating the symptoms of back pain and find relief.

Back Pain Treatment Using Garlic

Garlic is a very easily available herb and is known to treat back pain easily and effectively. All you require is 2 to 3 cloves of garlic. The first thing you require doing after waking up from sleep is gulping down these cloves of garlic with help of water, empty stomach.

Alternatively, take mustard oil and add 3-4 garlic cloves in this oil. Heat the oil in a frying pan till the cloves turn golden brown in color. This oil can be rubbed on the back to find relief from back pain. You may also use coconut oil or sesame oil instead of mustard oil.

Back Pain Treatment Using Lemon

Squeeze out juice from one lemon and mix some common salt in it. This preparation should be consumed by back pain sufferer twice-daily. This remedy will surely provide relief.

Back Pain Treatment Using Chebulic Myroblan

Chebulic myroblan is a fruit that can work wonders for all suffering with back pain. The remedy involves consumption of a small piece of Chebulic Myroblan after meals. This remedy is good for those who are looking for quick relief.

Back Pain Treatment Using Vitamin C

Intake of vitamin C is very important for those suffering with back pain problem. At least 2000 mg of vitamin C should be taken on a daily basis as a treatment for back pain.

Back Pain Treatment Using Potato

Back pain that is characterized by unbearable discomfort in the lumbar region, can be treated with Raw Potato remedy. All the sufferer needs to do is apply raw potato as a poultice on affected area.

Back Pain Treatment Using Lifestyle Changes

Those suffering with back pain problem must not take tobacco or smoke cigarettes. Intake of tobacco or too much smoking may further aggravate the situation. Besides, those suffering with back pain must also practice Yogic Asanas such as shavasana and bhujangasana.

treat Back Pain With Simple Home Remedies

Another thing you must always remember if you often suffer with back pain is that you must not lift or move things carelessly. Whenever you have to perform any such activity, make sure you bend your knees and then push, lift or move any heavy object.

Back Pain Treatment Using Wheat

Take approximately 30 g of wheat and allow it to soak in water overnight. Add some of khas khas in it, the next morning. Blend to prepare a paste. You may also add some fresh coriander in it. This paste should be added to approximately 250 gm of milk.

Now bring this milk to boil and allow it to cook at slower flame till the time only 1/3rd of the milk is left. Have this milk daily. It will not only provide back pain relief, it will also strengthen the body’s digestive system.

Back Pain Treatment Using Honey

Medicinal and therapeutic properties of honey are widely known. Simply take a glass of water and mix some honey in it and have it every morning. The water you take should preferably be warm.

Back Pain Treatment Using Mint Oil

A simple mint oil massage can relieve back pain easily. It is an excellent home remedy for those who are seeking fast relief from back pain.

Back Pain Treatment With Weight Management

A lot of times, excess weight can cause back pain. Excess weight also multiplies stress, which can further aggravate back pain situation.

Therefore, it is very important for those gaining weight, to find methods to control the same.

Back Pain Treatment With Rest

Back pain is often a cause of over exertion. The best way to treat back pain caused by over exertion is by resting on bed for few days. The body will automatically repair and the back pain will also disappear.

Back Pain Treatment Using Cold Compress

If inflammation is also associated with back pain, use cold compress in order to find relief. Just make an ice-pack and apply it on affected areas. It will not only reduce strain and swelling, you’ll also be able to find pain relief.

Salad Of Raw Vegetables

Those suffering with back pain problems must have carrot, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, radish and at least two lightly cooked vegetables out of cabbage, spinach and cauliflower. Plenty of fruits are also recommended. However, those suffering with back-pain must not have bananas.

Avoid Fatty, Spicy Fried Foods And Processed Foods

Those suffering with back pain must refrain from spicy, fried and fatty foods. Curd, sweetmeats, sugar and condiments such as tea and coffee should also be avoided. Anything that contains preservatives should also be eliminated from the diet.

Tips & Warnings

At times, back pain may not respond to home remedies. If such is the situation, make sure you fix an appointment with your doctor and visit him/her to find out the probable cause behind back pain. You must also consult doctor immediately if back pain is associated with other symptoms such as stomach ache, fever, difficulty breathing and chest pain.

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