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Information On Ankle Sprain Swelling

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15 March, 2012

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Ankle sprain, which is known by various other names viz. sprained ankle, rolled ankle, twisted ankle and ankle ligament injury, refers to a health related disorder associated with torn ankle ligaments. The ligament may either be partially torn or fully torn in case of a sprained ankle.

Sprained ankle is often accompanied with swelling, pain and inflammation, consequently causing difficulty in movement. In this article, we shall throw light on a few causes, symptoms and treatment options of ankle sprain, which would help in understanding the medical condition in a better way.

Information On Ankle Sprain Swelling

Causes of Ankle Sprain

There are many factors responsible for sprain and swelling in the ankle. Weak ankle joint muscles, weak ligaments of ankle joints, poor flexibility in the ankle, inadequate shoes (without proper heel support), running on rough surface and wearing shoes with high heels are a few common causes of ankle sprain.

Ankle Sprain Swelling

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The sprain in ankle causes swelling and pain, and restricts movement. Ankle sprain can be prevented to a great extent by eliminating the causes. With the help of proper warm up exercises before any workout, the joints of the ankles can be strengthened, thus preventing ankle sprain. Further, an individual should make it a point to wear shoes which have adequate heel support, and must avoid wearing high heeled shoes, in order to prevent ankle sprain.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

The most common symptom of ankle sprain is swelling in the ankle. As soon as an ankle sprain occurs, fluid gets accumulated in the tissues surrounding the ankle joints, thus causing ankle sprain swelling. Apart from swelling, ankle sprain is also accompanied with pain and inflammation.

Ankle Sprain Swelling

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The nerves surrounding the ankle become quite sensitive due to sprained ankle, thus resulting in unbearable pain at times. Any kind of exerted pressure on the ankle may worsen the condition, and cause problems in moving the leg. It is advised to take proper rest so that the condition does not worsen.

Treatment of Ankle Sprain

There are several treatment options available which can help in dealing with ankle sprain. Hot packs and ice packs are the two steps that should be practiced every day for a few days to attain relief from ankle sprain swelling and pain.

Mobilization exercises are also recommended, so that the ankle joints do not become stiff. This would speed up the recovery process, and enable the movement of ankle. The doctor may also advise anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers to reduce inflammation and pain in the ankles.

A sufferer of ankle sprain would feel immense improvement in the condition within two weeks time. However, if the condition does not seem to be improving, it is advised to report the problem to the doctor.

Ankle Sprain Swelling

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The above given information on ankle sprain, its causes, its symptoms and its treatment options would help in providing a thorough understanding of the problem. The problem can be prevented to a large extent with the help of proper warm up exercises before carrying out any stretching activities. Another preventive measure suggests wearing shoes with less and adequate heels.

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