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How To Treat Psoriasis With Diet

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11 October, 2011

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How To Treat Psoriasis With DietPsoriasis is a disorder of the skin, which occurs in the form of red colored patches on the skin. There are thick and silvery scales seen on the skin in case of psoriasis problem. Pustules may also occur on the skin, at times. The skin areas which are commonly affected by psoriasis include legs, nails, arms, elbows, knees, and scalp.

In order to treat psoriasis, it is vital for an individual to have a healthy immune system, so that infection can be fought easily. Without a healthy and efficient immune system, an individual would not be able to get rid of psoriasis in an effective manner. A healthy diet plays a massive role in improving the immune system of an individual, thus helping in psoriasis treatment.

A common question that arises in the mind of individual is “how to treat psoriasis with diet”? The section below discusses about certain effective foods which would help in boosting up the immune system of an individual, subsequently helping to treat psoriasis.

Foods For Treating Psoriasis

A few foods which would help with respect to psoriasis treatment have been discussed below:


Flaxseed is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and ought to be included in regular diet plan for improved skin health. Flaxseed can be consumed in oil form too. It can be ingested in baked food products or on yogurt to obtain successful results with regard to healing psoriasis.


Including cereals in the diet is a good way to treat psoriasis. Cereals are equipped with folic acid, which is one of the vital minerals for healthy skin.

Oily Fish

Oily fish like snapper, salmon, and halibut are considered to be quite effective with regard to psoriasis treatment. These types of fish are rich in omega-3 oils, which are very beneficial for the health of the skin. Having fish in your regular diet plan would help in improving the health of the skin, and would impart a radiant glow to skin.


Broccoli is a very good source of folate, which assists in the healing process of psoriasis. Folic acid is found in natural form in folate, which assists in psoriasis treatment quite effectually.


A fiber rich diet is one of the best remedies of psoriasis. The healing of psoriasis would be speeded up in those people who ingest foods which are rich in fiber content. The digestive system remains healthy, and the condition of the skin is improved with the aid of consuming foods enriched with fiber content.

Apart from the above listed foods, it is also recommended to follow simple healthy eating habits, like including green vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet, drinking fresh fruit juices, avoiding the intake of processed foods, staying away from consumption of refined carbohydrates, and excluding excessive intake of red meat.

The above discussion clearly reveals that psoriasis can be treated naturally with the help of following a healthy diet program. Skin inflammation would be reduced and the health of the immune system would be improved, subsequently helping to treat psoriasis naturally and effectually.

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