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How To Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease Naturally

by:  in Category : Women's Health

14 October, 2011

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Treat Fibrocystic Breast DiseaseFibrocystic breast disease is a problem that surfaces in most women during her fertile years. Many reasons can be attributed to this condition. Luckily, the lumps that are associated with fibrocystic breast disease are benign and hence non cancerous. However, women still have to go through a lot of discomfort and pain with this condition, which has a tendency to aggravate during menstruation.

Hormone fluctuation is the reason for the development of fibrocystic breast disease. There is no cure or treatment for this problem except that sometimes surgical removal is suggested if the pain and discomfort tampers with normal life. There are some refreshing natural ways by which you can treat fibrocystic breast disease. Here is how.

Natural Ways To Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Mostly, women who are obese will have a general susceptibility to the disease. This is because the high fat content in their body will increase the estrogen levels as well which can aggravate the situation. In such cases, avoid taking food that is high in fat. The fat from the food will increase the breast tissue, giving rise to lumps and aches.

Try and reduce your body weight through exercise which will help in burning the excess fat in your body. This will naturally remove fibrocystic breast disease without the help of any medical or surgical intervention.

Fibrocystic breast disease is always connected to high estrogen levels in the body. Try natural estrogen supplements like soy products with isoflavones that can help in evening out the excess estrogen in the body.

Taking iodine can help as it helps in preventing the estrogen from adhering on the receptors in the breasts, causing fibrocystic breast disease. Natural iodine is found in sea food and sea vegetables like wakame and kelp. There are also supplements of kelp available for consumption.

A diet rich in fibre can prevent the occurrence of fibrocystic breast disease as fibre will help in removing excess fat and estrogen from the body that cause fibrocystic breast disease. Therefore a daily diet with adequate fibre is a preventive method as well as a treatment for fibrocystic breast disease.

Taking supplements of evening primrose oil is supposed to alleviate the pain associated with fibrocystic breast disease. Generally 3 grams is recommended for daily use. However, make sure that you get the expert guidance of a herbalist before taking this.

Vitamin E supplements in quantities of 600 international units every day will help you deal with the pain. Do not expect fast results though. At least three months of vitamin E every day will give results.

Chasteberry or vitex can help in dealing with breast tenderness that troubles most women with fibrocystic breast disease during their periods. Take 40 drops of chasteberry and add a glass of water to it. This can be taken every day morning for best results.

Breast tenderness can also be relieved with the use if castor oil. Hot castor oil can be used as a compress on the breast. Cold pressed castor oil compress too can offer great relief from the symptoms.

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