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How To Treat Acne With Cucumber Juice

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28 October, 2011

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Treat Acne With Cucumber JuiceAcne is a skin problem which mainly affects the teenagers. It occurs in several forms viz. pimples, freckles, blemishes, cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads on the skin. It can occur on any body part like neck, shoulders, chest, or back; however, it is mostly seen on face. The problem occurs when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce more sebum than what is normally required by the skin.

Though acne mostly occurs on oily skin, however people with other skin types like dry skin, normal skin, or combination can also suffer from the problem of acne. The skin care industry is loaded with various kinds of skin products, which help in treating acne. You may choose the product which best suits your skin type and severity of acne condition.

However, many people have reported certain side effects due to the use of commercial creams and lotions for getting rid of acne. This is because of the chemicals that are present in these commercial skin products. Hence, the best way to treat acne is through natural home remedies.

Home remedies for dealing with acne are considered to be quite safe as compared to commercial products. Among several home products for treating acne, cucumber juice is regarded to be quite effective. The use of cucumber juice on the skin provides immense calmness and coolness to the skin, subsequently making the skin feel refreshed.

The scars, acne lesions, and redness on the skin would be reduced with the help of application of cucumber juice on the skin. Let us here discuss about various ways of using cucumber juice to treat acne.

Ways Of Treating Acne With Cucumber Juice

The steps that should be followed to prepare cucumber juice, and the ways the juice can be used for treating can have been discussed below:

Select Appropriate Cucumbers

First of all, you need to select appropriate cucumbers for treating acne. Dark green colored cucumbers, with bumpy surface are considered to be the best ones for acne treatment.

Treat Acne With Cucumber Juice

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Also, the size of the chosen cucumbers should be 10-20 cm in length.

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Peel The Skin Of Cucumbers

It is strongly recommended to get rid of the skin of cucumbers, so as to get rid of the chemicals that may be present on the cucumbers’ peel.

Prepare Cucumber Juice

The cucumbers are then cut into several thin slices, which are then placed in a pitcher. The pitcher is filled with water, and the cucumber slices are allowed to soak in water for around an hour. Thereafter, the cucumber slices are removed from the water, and the cucumber juice is ready to be used for the purpose of acne treatment.

Use Cucumber Juice For Treating Acne

Cucumber juice is then used to get rid of acne. You can cleanse your face with this juice to treat acne. Also, you can drink the juice as an effective cure for acne. Regularly ingesting cucumber juice and using it as a cleansing agent would not only help in getting rid of acne on the skin, but would also assist in preventing future breakouts of acne.

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