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How To Prevent Stroke With Foods

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13 January, 2012

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How To Prevent Stroke With FoodsStroke is a heart related disease, associated with blockage in artery leading to brain, thus causing restricted flow of blood. Due to disrupted flow of blood, the heart stops functioning in an optimal manner. The major risk factors associated with stroke consist of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes.

Consumption of unhealthy foods like junk foods, processed foods, preserved foods, and fast foods also leads to stroke. It is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and focus on the intake of healthy foods, so that the risk of being affected by stroke and other kinds of heart diseases can be prevented.

It is suggested to consume a diet that is low in fat, salt, and sugar, and abandon unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption in order to prevent stroke. The section below discusses about ways of preventing stroke with foods.

Ways to Prevent Stroke with Foods

The following diet related tips would help in preventing stroke in a natural way:

Reduce The Intake of Sodium

First of all, it is suggested to reduce the intake of sodium in regular diet, as sodium is the main factor responsible for increased blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors associated with stroke. Therefore, in order to avoid stroke, ingestion of foods high in sodium should be avoided.

Reduce The Intake of Sodium

Decrease The Consumption of Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are not considered to be healthy fats, and should not form a major part of the diet. All kinds of junks foods and fast foods contain too much of oil and saturated fats, which are quite risky for heart health, and may cause stroke. Therefore, in order to prevent stroke, the ingestion of foods rich in saturated fats should be reduced to a great extent.

Reduce the Calorie Intake

Obesity can also lead to stroke. Therefore, it is vital to keep the weight under control, so that the chances of getting affected by stroke get reduced. With the help of reducing the intake of calories, extra body weight can be eliminated.

Reduce the Calorie Intake

Decrease the Consumption of Refined Sugar

Increased intake of refined sugar raises the blood sugar level, thus causing diabetes. As a result the risk of being affected by stroke gets increased. Therefore, it is strictly suggested to restrict the ingestion of refined sugar in the diet, to prevent the risk of being affected by diabetes, and subsequently to prevent stroke.

Decrease the Consumption of Refined Sugar

Increase the Intake of Fruits in The Diet

It is strongly recommended to increase the consumption of fruits rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the diet, so as to prevent stroke, and maintain overall good health.

Increase the Intake of Fruits in The DietUpload/Insert

Fruits like oranges, blueberries, apples, apricots, and cranberries are very healthy and should be included in the regular diet to deal with stroke and other health disorders.

Include Seafood in The Diet

Seafood is a very good source of essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, which are good for heart health. Salmon and tuna are two most popular types of fish which help in promoting cardiac health.

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