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How To Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

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30 August, 2011

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How To Prevent Coronary Heart DiseaseCoronary heart disease is a heart related disorder which normally occurs in the form of heart attack or stroke. The blood vessels around the heart get narrowed, hence restricting the supply of blood to the heart, subsequently posing heart related troubles. Once a person suffers from an attack or stroke, he or she has to be very careful about his or her health.

There are quite a number of diet related restrictions that are to be followed by heart patients. Therefore, it is always better to take precautionary measures well in advance, so that a person remains free from heart problems. A few effective ways to prevent coronary heart disease are explained hereunder.

Ways To Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the major hazards for the heart. It restricts blood circulation throughout the body and does not allow the heart to function optimally. Tobacco smoking can be highly detrimental for the blood vessels and the heart, which eventually leads to narrowing of arteries.

Apart from direct smoke, second hand smoke is also harmful for the heart. Therefore, tobacco smoking whether in direct or indirect form, should not be a part of the life, if you want to remain away from heart diseases.

Regular Exercise

Doing exercises on regular basis would go a long way in keeping you away from heart related troubles. You ought to make it a point to take out at least half an hour daily from your busy schedule for carrying out workouts.

Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking, running, skipping, cycling, and swimming would help in promoting flow of blood throughout the body, including the heart, hence helping to ensure sound health of the heart. Regular supply of adequate amount of blood would surely help to prevent coronary heart disease.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plays a massive role in preventing heart diseases. Apart from protecting an individual from heart problems, it also helps to provide protection against cancer. A diet for healthy heart normally consists of foods enriched with good amount of protein, good carbs, unsaturated fats, and lots of vitamins.

Omega 3 fatty acids are regarded to be quite beneficial for the heart. Fish is a very good natural source of this essential mineral and should be included in the regular diet plan. Other healthy foods for the heart consist of fresh fruits, green vegetables, low fat milk, and yogurt. Foods enriched with saturated fats should be avoided altogether to avoid coronary heart disease. Also, all kinds of processed foods, fried foods, and junk foods should be excluded from the diet.

Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining appropriate body weight is very important to avoid heart problems. Excessive body weight is very harmful for the overall health and normally leads to problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

All these problems may invoke heart troubles. So, it is mandatory to maintain optimum weight of the body by following a healthy diet plan and regular exercise routine, so that you are able to prevent yourself from being affected by heart diseases.

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