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How To Lower Blood Sugar

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6 January, 2012

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High blood sugar is a health related disorder which is a symptom of diabetes. It is crucial to keep the blood sugar at an optimum level so that the risk of being affected by diabetes can be prevented.

With the help of maintaining optimum blood sugar level, the vitality and health of an individual would remain strong. The problem of high blood sugar mainly arises due to obesity and unhealthy diet.

How To Lower Blood Sugar

It is very important for a person to eat healthy and low-sugar foods, so that blood sugar level can be controlled. Also, exercising on regular basis is quite important to reduce extra body weight, thus helping to lower blood sugar level.

There are quite a number of drugs available in various drug stores to keep the blood sugar at an optimal level. However, these drugs may pose side effects in long run, as they are loaded with lot of chemicals. Therefore, the best way to lower blood sugar is through natural remedies. A few effective natural ways of reducing blood sugar have been discussed as under.

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar

Reduce Body Fat

Reducing extra body fat is very important to lower blood sugar, and prevent the risk of being affected by diabetes. Extra fat from the body can be reduced by doing regular cardio workouts.

Reduce Body Fat

With the help of consistent workouts, the metabolism level would be boosted up, and the fat burning process would be speeded up. A few effective cardio workouts for weight loss include dancing, swimming, running, jogging, and skipping. These workouts should be carried out daily for around half an hour to shed off extra body weight and to reduce blood sugar.

Stay Away From Sugar Rich Foods

All kinds of foods enriched with sugar should be eliminated from the diet. Consumption of sugar rich foods raises the blood sugar level and also causes weight gain.

Sugar Rich Foods

Eat Chia Seed Porridge

Including chia seeds in the diet would help in lowering the blood sugar level in an effective way. Chia seeds are good sources of protein, fiber, magnesium, and boron, and help in not only lowering the sugar level, but also assist in weight loss process.

Eat Chia Seed Porridge

A porridge made of chia seeds should be included in regular diet plan to witness successful results with regard to weight loss and reduction in blood sugar. The porridge can be made by combining together chia seeds, boiling water, and hemp seeds. Raw nuts and coconut flakes can be added for enhanced flavor.

Eat Low Glycemic Foods

In order to reduce blood sugar level, it is vital to stick to foods with low glycemic index. A few examples include asparagus, artichoke, broccoli, avocado, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, low fat yogurt, snow peas, and spinach.

Eat Low Glycemic Foods

The above given tips would naturally assist in the process of lowering blood sugar. With the help of combination of healthy diet and regular exercise, an individual would be able to witness immense improvement in his or her health, and would be able to live a healthy and long life.

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